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Start Your Life Abundance

Liz Barallon


Servicing area: Australia

Start Your Life Abundance
Liz Barallon is a calming, motivated and inspirational woman who is passionate about empowering her client's to find their inner light and happiness.
Liz Now focuses on coaching tools to help other coaches teach their clients and her own clients to find happiness through Goal Board Workshops, quote cards and gratitude journal

Start Your Life Abundance - Life & Wellness Coaching

Learn How to create a Goal Board

In this Goal Board Workshop, you will not only learn how to create a gorgeous Dream Board, but you will learn some of the science behind why visualisation works so well in manifesting the reality you desire.

A Goal Board isn't just about finding some pretty pictures and a couple of cool quotes and gluing them to a piece of cardboard.

The secret lies in the placement, the words used and the intentional thoughts and emotions you need to actually make your Goal Board work like magic.

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