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Therapacks are Australian-made Hot and Cold packs, which are approved by the TGA. Providing natural & healthy pain relief for people of all ages, purchase one of our Hot & Cold Packs today and discover the benefits for yourself

Therapacks Hot & Cold Topical Therapy

Suffering from headaches, migraine, stomach ache, arthritis, tense and aching muscles, sore back or stiff neck? Therapacks Heat Packs and Cold Packs can help - natural reusable treatment for the soothing relief of aches & pains.

We here at Therapacks Hot & Cold Topical Therapy make a range of TGA-approved packs to fit most parts of the body. They're easily prepared at home in the freezer, oven or microwave. Select your packs now for immediate home delivery from our warehouse, or buy from our Australia-wide network of pharmacy, physiotherapist and health store stockists.

Products We Stock

  • Heat & Cold Packs

  • Bundles

Just visit our website to purchase one of our products.

Why Purchase One Of Our Packs?

Therapacks® are easy to use, comfortable to wear and are available in a range of designs to suit most parts of the body while minimising any reduction in mobility. They work by subtly moulding to the contours of the body. Where helpful, our packs are fitted with secure Velcro straps.

Therapacks® contain natural Australian lupin seeds - chosen for their remarkable heat-retaining qualities. Lupin seeds are odourless, pest-resistant, allergy friendly and, unlike hot water bottles or gels, safe in the event of spills.

Therapacks® are made from 100% cotton and are hand-washable

Health Benefits Associated With Using Our Packs

Replacing Drugs

Use of non-pharmacological alternatives like Therapacks® in place of painkillers can reduce the potential risk of adverse side-effects. We are concerned about polypharmacy - the simultaneous use of many medications - particularly common among our older population.

Statistics show that the risk of experiencing an adverse drug event increases with the number of medications taken together; 6% if two medications are taken, 50% if five medications are taken and 100% if eight or more medications are co-administered.

Benefits of Heat

Heat helps to ease muscular tension and cramps by increasing the blood flow to the injured area. The flow of blood will bring oxygen and nutrients which facilitate the healing process. Hot packs can be used for psychological comfort, pain relief and healing.

Benefits of Cold

Cold helps to ease pain by slowing the chemical reactions that send pain impulses to the brain. Cold also helps to decrease swelling and haemorraghing by constricting the blood vessels that supply the injured area. Cold packs can be used to reduce soreness, bruising and swelling. They can ease minor burns.

About The Company - Therapacks®

Thousands of Australians, young and old, have enjoyed the pain-relieving comfort of Therapacks® heat & cold packs ever since we opened for business in 2001.

Therapacks® was founded by health care professionals who see the need for safe, simple and effective pain relief. We're inspired by a single goal: natural healthy pain management.

We manufacture and package Therapacks® in our own warehouse, and ship directly to online customers, so we always have stock and we can always deliver promptly.

For more information about any of the products we offer or to organise your next order, just give us a call, click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button or visit our Website for more informaion.

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