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The White Magix Cottage: The Work Shop

Carmen Mendoza

148 Terara Rd
Terara NSW 2540

Servicing area: Terara & Nowra NSW

The White Magix Cottage: The Work Shop

Tonify your health with our therapeutic White Grandfather Sage products.

White Grandfather Sage Products

Relish the Benefits of  White Grandfather Sage

The The White Magix Cottage: The Work Shop sits on a vast farmland in Terara NSW which historically served as a dairy farm. In recent years, we started cultivating the soil and planting White Grandfather Sage (Salvia Apiana).

These days, we dry, pack, bundle and develop White Grandfather Sage into an array of organic products that are beneficial to people of all ages. 

Carmen Mendoza's more than 20 years of experience as a health provider for people with special needs inspired her to put up The Work Shop. Her goal is to create an environment that heals, cares and fosters creativity.

Aside from the products we offer, we also offer therapeutic services and hold different kinds of workshops and programs at TWMC to promote health and wellbeing.

Enquire about our White Grandfather Sage products to experience their healing properties.