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About Natural Extracts Australia


If you're looking for a natural way to improve your health & wellbeing while effectively detoxifying your body, then one of our professional Zeolite Products is perfect for you. From helping to increase sporting performance to keeping your family pets healthy, our quality Zeolite products can provide a wide range of benefits.

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Products On Offer

Personal Care Products:
    Illuminesse Cream™
    Illuminesse Serum™
    Illuminesse Mud Mask™
Sports Recovery:
    Zeo Recovery™
Health Care Professional Products:
Pet Health Products:
    Zeo Vettox™

About Us

Natural Extracts Australia is part of the 'Natroceuticals Group' and is a wholly owned Australian company and one specialising in the field of natural fluid filtration and purification technologies. After nearly nine years of intensive research involving fluid purification and filtration using zeolite and other molecular filter structures, and nearly sixteen years experience working with Australian minerals, essential oils and other natural extracts, we believe we have developed a number of products that will improve the health of all of us.

Our Company's small part will be to continue research and development of an increasingly better range of personal and industrial cleansing, filtration and pollutant removal products that are eco safe and efficient. We must respond to the increasingly desperate environmental needs of our planet and our personal health care. It is the outcomes of all our endeavours that will determine all of our families' future survival.

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Natural Extracts Australia