What Rolfing is

Aug 02, 2017

What is Rolfing®? REESTABLISHING THE NATURAL ALIGNMENT OF THE HUMAN BODY FOR VITALITY AND WELL-BEING Have you ever wondered what exactly is Rolfing®? Originally developed by Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D., Rolfing® is the process of deep release of long-held...

What is Rolfing?

Dec 15, 2011

Rolfing is the name given to a technique called Structural Integration devised by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1930s. After earning a PhD in Biochemistry in the 1920s, Dr. Rolf began studying alternative and natural treatments for physical and emotional ailments.

Studying Kahuna Bodywork

Dec 14, 2011

Are you looking to study a holistic, spiritual bodywork technique but not quite sure where to start? Kahuna bodywork has its roots in tropical Hawaii and offers something more than just hands on techniques, with an intimate, spiritual approach that...

What is Kahuna Bodywork?

Dec 13, 2011

To most people kahuna conjures up images of tropical Hawaii, perhaps of surfing culture too. But did you know it is also a style of holistic bodywork? To find out more ntpages had a chat with Kia'i Weber from the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences...

What is Bodywork?

Nov 04, 2011

Bodywork is a unique and holistic approach to treating the body, which incorporates more than one modality of healing techniques. Many people train to become a massage therapist, but becoming a bodyworker takes times and maturation. What’s in a Name?

Holistic Pulsing

Jul 08, 2010

Holistic Pulsing is a natural therapy aimed at harmonising our lives via gentle touching and rhythmic rocking.  It can therefore be considered a branch of bodywork with some features in common with massage and osteopathy.  Holistic Pulsing primary...

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