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Should I See a Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist in 2018?

Jul 22, 2018 by Michelle Newton

When you’re faced with pain, especially if it’s the first time, it’s hard to know who to turn to. Can your GP help, or do you need someone more specialised, someone who treats your specific issue?

3 Steps to Better Posture

May 1, 2017 by Kat Tate

If you’re feeling a little stiff or sore, try these steps to better posture.

What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Dec 2, 2013 by Kat Tate

Network Spinal Analysis™ is an evidence-based approach to health that may help you enjoy enhanced wellness.

What to Expect from a Chiropractic Consultation

Jul 18, 2011 by Maryanne Holm

Chiropractic treatments focus on restoring alignment and function to the musculoskeletal system. A chiropractor uses massage, manipulation and other techniques to provide relief from pain, improve function and restore balance to the joints and nerves.

Screen Your Spine

Jun 14, 2011 by Melanie Alexander

Dr. Rosemarie Jabbour from New World Chiropractic tells ntpagesTV that they offer a public based sceening offering people the opportunity to determine if they have posture issues.

Topic: MindBodySpirit 2011 Festival - Sydney

What is Chiropractic?

May 4, 2011 by Michelle Newton

Chiropractic is a holistic healthcare discipline that focuses on the relationship between the structure of the body – principally the spine and pelvis – and the way the body functions.

Benefits of Chiropractic

Apr 27, 2011 by Maryanne Holm

Chiropractic helps a variety of ailments from headache through to asthma and infertility. It can be successfully and safely used from newborns through to the elderly.

Choosing a Chiropractor

Apr 16, 2011 by Maryanne Holm

Choosing a chiropractor is an important decision. Before putting yourself in the hands of a chiropractor there are some things you should consider.

Chiropractic for Headaches

Jun 22, 2010

Chiropractic is an ideal alternative therapy that works not only to relieve headache pain but to also restore normal functioning to the nervous system and spine.

Topic: Headaches

Chiropractic and Osteoporosis

Jun 16, 2010

Chiropractic is one of a range of non-invasive natural treatments for a range of ailments and conditions, including osteoporosis.

Topic: Osteoporosis

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