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Mobile Massage: Relief On The Move

Aug 18, 2011

Instead of visiting a massage therapist you can have the therapist come to you. And with a hectic modern lifestyle, mobile massage answers the question: how to find time for massage? Mobile massage is massage that’s done away from the practitioner’s...

Studying Remedial Massage

Aug 11, 2011

Do you want to use your hands to promote healing and relaxation, while developing your career as a natural therapist practitioner? For a fulfilling career that has the potential to offer you the opportunity to heal, travel and interact with a range...

Infant Massage Awareness Week 2011

Aug 03, 2011

What do you know about Infant Massage? The first week in August is Infant Massage Awareness Week. As part of this week, we are invited to ask ourselves this very question. So what are the benefits of baby massage? There are many benefits for both child...

What is Chinese Massage?

Jul 21, 2011

Chinese massage nurtures your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The primary focus of Chinese massage is to bring about wellbeing by enhancing the flow of qi (vital energy). Chinese Massage Good For Pain Relief In Traditional Chinese Medicine...

What is Abdominal Massage?

Jul 11, 2011

Abdominal or stomach massage is the manipulation of this area for a range of palliative effects. These are primarily centred on digestive function, as this area houses the major elements of the digestive system. This includes the stomach, colon, small...

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Jul 01, 2011

Therapeutic and relaxing, deep tissue massage can ease away long-held tensions and tightness. It is specifically designed to address chronic pain, and can be beneficial for people who use their bodies very physically, for example athletes, labourers...

Corporate, Workplace and Event Massage: How Do They Differ?

Jun 28, 2011

While massage is often associated with a spa, retreat or similarly dedicated venue, employers are beginning to realise the benefit of having qualified practitioners visit their workplace. Even a brief shoulder massage can help ease the strain of hours...

Chinese Acupressure Massage for Stress

Jun 16, 2011

If you are feeling the pressures of stress and are looking for a safe and effective way to relieve it, try Chinese acupressure massage for stress relief. While a good massage is always relaxing, acupressure massage works a little differently. Acupressure...

Video: DIY Massage Roller & Other Self-massage Tools

Jun 14, 2011

In this video, Mel is with Ellen from Joya Australia finding out about their timber massage rollers to help ease back pain at home. Ellen also shows Mel a massage pen with a crystal that can be used to massage essential oils into your temples.

What is Chinese Acupressure Massage?

Jun 10, 2011

What is Chinese acupressure massage? How is it different from Chinese acupuncture? What are the differences between acupressure massage and an ordinary massage? Chinese acupressure massage originated from the ancient medicinal art of acupuncture. In...

Massage 101: What To Expect From a Remedial Massage

Jun 08, 2011

What is Remedial Massage? Remedial massage is one of the most well-known forms of massage therapy as it addresses the pains, aches, and injuries that many of us have endured at some point in our lives. Remedial massage is a varied therapy and combines...

How Can Chinese Acupressure Massage Benefit Me?

Jun 08, 2011

When many people first hear about Chinese acupressure massage, the first question they ask is, "What's the difference between acupressure massage and an ordinary massage?" This is usually followed by a second question: "How can Chinese acupressure...

Which Type of Massage Should I Choose?

Feb 02, 2011

There is a huge array of massage therapies out there that you can try but it can be hard to decide which type to choose and which is going to be most beneficial to you. The first question you have to ask yourself is: What do I want from this massage?

Oncology Massage: Supporting Living Well

Jan 09, 2011

It is a sad truth that even the loved ones of cancer patients often feel afraid of hurting their sick loved one with a simple hug or other forms of contact. A hug then means a whole lot more than it used to, and so loved ones refrain, leaving the cancer...

Hot Stone, Seashell & Bamboo Massage

Dec 13, 2010

Traditional massage tools are being adapted to modern spa and salon massage and beauty treatments. For many years hot stone massage has been known for its therapeutic and relaxation value, and as in the past, seashell and bamboo are being added to...

Massage for Endometriosis

Sep 29, 2010

Massage is one of a range of natural approaches to treat an array of illness and disease; including endometriosis.  Natural therapies are increasingly appreciated for their holistic approach and lack of side effects, and are now utilised alongside or...

Natural Ways to Relieve Hay Fever

Aug 26, 2010

Want to get rid of the stuffy nose and other allergy symptoms that come with hay fever? There are many natural remedies that can help alleviate them, which we will be discussing in detail in this article. Hay fever is a common condition that can last...

Massage for Prostate Cancer

Jul 22, 2010

Massage is one of a range of natural or alternative therapies that are used to treat illness and disease, including prostate cancer.  This follows the growing demand for complementary treatments that do not have the health risks associated with some...

Natural Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Jul 22, 2010

Natural treatments are increasingly sought out to complement conventional medical treatment for a range of illnesses and diseases, including prostate cancer. Using natural therapies in conjunction with medical treatment plans for prostate cancer not...

Watsu 101: What is Water Shiatsu?

Jul 07, 2010

What is watsu? The term Watsu is derived from the combined words water and shiatsu. Developed in 1980 by Harold Dull, Watsu is a passive form of bodywork that draws on techniques from zen shiatsu, yoga, the Alexander Technique and meditation to stimulate...

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