Personal Development

Communication: It’s More Complex Than You Think

Oct 24, 2011

Ever walked into a room after someone has had a fight and thought I could cut the air with a knife?  We have all experienced situations like this when the room feels so heavy and the air feels tangible. What this is explaining is the phenomenon of...

Are You Comfortable Being You?

Oct 21, 2011

How do you feel about being you?  Are you ready to sing the praises of you from the rooftops or do you shy away keeping yourself private? It's a big ask to really be yourself.  People are very judgmental and we've all heard the sorts of things that...

The Present Moment

Oct 20, 2011

What is time?  Most people might be unaware that time in the conventional sense was a Newtonian invention.  That is why it can feel so varied some days whizzing by and other times an hour feeling like 5 for no apparent reason.  Other people have theories...

How to Create Positive Feelings

Oct 16, 2011

What are Positive Feelings? Positive feelings are pleasant feelings and emotions that make you feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are many positive feelings, but the following are the most commonly experienced by a person: Happiness...

Setting Up a Corporate Wellness Program

Oct 06, 2011

As we become more conscious and informed employees in this ever stressful modern working environment, we must begin to insist that our employers start setting up corporate wellness programs. Many people separate work from normal daily life, but if we...

What Is Laughter Therapy?

Oct 04, 2011

When was the last time you laughed until you cried?  You probably can’t remember, but know that it was really silly. It’s the simplest and cheapest stress management there is, no training necessary. All humans start life with the ability to laugh, regardless...

Reducing Stress at Work

Sep 26, 2011

Is work stressing you out? If so, you are not alone. Work stress is becoming one of the main occupational hazards in Australian workplaces. Comcare, the Federal work health and safety regulator, recently reported that there has been a 54 per cent increase...

Guide to Trusting Your Intuition

Sep 06, 2011

You wake up from a deep sleep, alarmed and breathing heavy. Your heart is beating very quickly and images are flashing through your head. You realise that you have just had a bad dream. In this dream you’ve seen yourself involved in a car accident.

Deepak Chopra: Medicine's Great Divide

Jun 28, 2011

I might as well begin by being blunt. There is no love lost between the medicine I was taught in medical school and the kind I practice now, which used to travel under the name of mind-body medicine. The relationship between conventional and alternative...

Video: Courses to Discover Your Life Purpose

Jun 14, 2011

In this video, Mel is with Simone from Universal Life Tools, finding out about their courses to help you empower yourself to heal your body, mind and spirit. The courses include a crystaline healing course, to ground and anchor you and provide strength...

Must-Have Natural Health Books

Jun 14, 2011

In this video, ntpagesTV reporter Mel meets Paul from Rockpool Publishing to find out about their authors and books, which they distribute around the world. Paul showcases the latest must-have reads including 'The Metabolic Clock' to help speed up the...

Video: Face Readings to Bring Awareness

Jun 14, 2011

In this video, Sean from Psychosomatic Therapy tells Mel about the therapy which is based on the awareness of our body and explores the body-mind relationship. Through face readings, the therapy looks at the different aspects of who we are to better...

Video: Experience Euphoria with Umesh Nandwani

Jun 14, 2011

In this video, Mel meets Martina from Golden Space who has experienced first-hand the enormous benefits of studying under the guidance of Umesh Nandwani. She tells Mel that she has experience euphoria through the courses and transformed her life.

Developing Positivity: Always Thinking With Half Glass Full

Apr 12, 2011

If your glass is always half empty you may benefit from a dose of positivity… We all know people who see only the obstacles in life. And we also know others who face every challenge with an expectation of success. So why do some of us see the proverbial...

How Safe is Your Mobile Phone?

Mar 15, 2011

Are you aware how much radiation your cell phone emits?  While there are no confirmed healths risks associated with the frequent use of a mobile phone, some studies have suggested an increased risk of brain and mouth tumours, as well as behavioural...

How to be Happy

Mar 14, 2011

People's ultimate goal will always be the pursuit of happiness. Most seek it from outside sources such as relationships, jobs, money and homes. Unsurprisingly, when these goals are met, some are still left feeling unsatisfied, unhappy and a little empty...

Creative Career Design: A Clinical Psychologist's Perspective

Feb 07, 2011

I'm reading a book at the moment called "Art as Experience" written in the 1930s by John Dewey. It's full of incredible insights and arguments about why Art and Creativity have become separated from everyday life. The book addresses that odd compartmentalisation...

Learn to Face your Fears

Jan 25, 2011

The fear of not being good enough...The fear of not finishing...The fear of rejection...The fear of commitment...The fear of failure and even of success... Fear is a creative block that is often associated with our belief that we do not have the necessary...

Talent, Giftedness and Creative Potential – Do You Have It?

Jan 24, 2011

Somewhere within the politics of innate versus acquired abilities, between capacity and performance lies the idea of talent ... What is it? Do you have it? And what does it take to develop it? Definitions of talent often involve a person’s (a) greater...

Why We Do The Things We Do

Nov 01, 2010

This article was written by clinical psychologist Christopher Semmens. Sounds like a song title doesn’t it? But seriously, have you ever wondered why we do the things we do? Our collection of life experiences contributes to the making of us. We are...

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