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How to Market Your Massage Therapy Business

Sep 04, 2020

Congratulations! You've finally realised your longtime dream of setting up your own massage therapy business. Don't you just love the beauty of your new massage tables, potpourri set, aromatherapy oil collection, scented candles, cove lighting design...

Natural Therapy & Advertising Guidelines

Sep 01, 2020

Word of mouth is indeed the best advertising tactic you can utilise for your natural health business, especially if you have customers across Australia. It expands your client base without you spending a single dollar. But if you're offering something...

What is the TGA?

Aug 31, 2020

Taking medicines and undergoing medical procedures, such as blood tests, can put people's lives at risk if the products used to diagnose and treat their conditions haven't passed the approval of the TGA. So, what exactly is the role of the TGA in the...

5 Steps to a Successful Distance Healing Session

Jul 09, 2020

From muscle pain and headaches to anxiety and low energy levels, any health issue can be treated remotely via the internet through a unique treatment method called distance healing. It’s no different from in-person healing as it also employs the...

Grow Your Natural Health Business With Telehealth

Jul 07, 2020

Although telehealth has been around for quite some time, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 outbreak that we’ve seen a surge of patients wanting consultation services by phone or through internet-based communication platforms. If you’re not offering...

Connect with Clients Online via our Free Zoom Video Conferencing Integration

Jul 06, 2020

We’ve just made scheduling and conducting online consultations simpler and easier with our free Zoom integration. As consumers increasingly turn to the internet for everything that they need, we want to equip you with the means to keep up with the...

Using Zoom for Telehealth Services

Jul 06, 2020

Move over Skype. Zoom is taking over the world, particularly for health businesses who are unable to see their clients in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  What is Zoom? Zoom is a videoconferencing app that makes it super easy for people to meet...

7 Ways to Market Your Health Coaching Business

Jun 03, 2020

Your health coaching business is all set up and ready to transform lives. Then you pause as you realise you don’t have anyone to coach yet since no one else besides your friends and family know of your business. Don’t fret because we have some...

How to Start and Run Online Consultations as a Natural Health Practitioner

Mar 20, 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we realise it may be tough for you to continue running your business as you would normally.  Many of our members have already expanded their businesses to deliver their services online, reaching consumers from around...

5 Steps to Start a Natural Health Business

Mar 16, 2020

Congratulations! You’ve developed your skills in natural health care from the ground up. That journey you took, from assimilating practical knowledge and acquiring a diploma to working for organisations that require your skills and promoting health...

Natural Health Business 101: Learning Business Networking

Jun 05, 2019

In the past, networking was simply a collection of people you knew. They could be family, friends or casual acquaintances. In today's digital world, networking is a little more complicated and can take on various forms. You may not even know the people...

Studying Online Business Courses to Boost Your Natural Therapy Practice

May 31, 2019

Any natural therapist needs to know about business practices, but they may not have time to travel across town to attend a business course. Studying online at home can be a great way to study business and learn what you need to know about business...

Tips on How to Start a Natural Health Business

May 27, 2019

Natural therapies is like any business. You need to set it up right to succeed. How can you do this? Here are some pointers that can set you up in the right direction. Starting a natural health business First of all, you need some business skills.

Natural Health Business 101: Importance of Having Business Core Values

May 24, 2019

Core values are what keeps any business afloat. Without them, you may be drifting at sea and not set your natural therapies business in the right direction. What are a core values? They go beyond business practices and form the framework for any small...

Natural Therapy Pages Basics: How to Get the Most from Your Enquiries

May 20, 2019

Initial enquiries are vital if you want to grow your business. An enquiry may be from someone who has contacted you for the first time. They will expect you to pay attention to their problems and offer solutions. An initial enquiry needs to be handled...

Essential Business Skills for Your Natural Therapy Practice

May 17, 2019

Business skills are essential for any business and that includes a natural therapies practice. Why are they important? No one likes to see their business fail and business skills can help your natural therapies business grow. What business skills are...

Natural Health Business 101: Tips in Keeping Your Business on Track

May 10, 2019

Keeping your business on track doesn't have to be difficult. You just have to realise that it is easy to get off track, but taking these simple steps can keep your business on track. You don't want to lose your focus, so keep these essential points...

Lessons in Starting a Natural Therapies Business

Jan 16, 2019

You want to start your own natural therapies business. Why should you study business, management and marketing? There are several good reasons why courses in business, management and marketing can be good for your career. While you have a passion for...

Business 101: Protecting Your Business From SEO Scammers & Bad SEO Companies

Jan 14, 2019

Online scams are everywhere. And that includes online scams that target small businesses like your natural therapy business. Sadly, most scammers look for small business websites because they know that most small businesses either don't have the resources...

New Health Complaints Law and Code of Conduct in Victoria

Jun 22, 2018

If you practise or receive health treatments in Victoria, you’ll want to be across changes to Victorian health complaints and the code of conduct now in effect. What is the new health complaints law? In April 2016, the Victorian Parliament passed the...

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