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Volunteering as an Acupuncturist

Mar 14, 2011

Qi, the vital force which permeates everything, also links us with our surroundings and other people. What better way to enhance the flow of qi than by volunteering your time and skills as an acupuncture practitioner? Why Volunteer? Volunteers are key...

The Many Benefits of Joining ATMS

Mar 10, 2011

In this video, Matthew from the Australian Traditional Medicine Society tells Kat all about the association. Representing a wide range of natural therapists, the association offers many member benefits. As the largest association of its kind, it can...

Video: Building a Successful Natural Therapy Practice

Mar 10, 2011

Looking to build, grow and establish a successful practice? Practice Mastery Institute will work with you via coaching, mentoring and workshops to teach you how to attract and retain clients.

Video: Benefits of the Natural Health Conference

Mar 10, 2011

In this video, Kat chats with Tiffani from the Natural Health Conference & Expo to find out how it benefits practitioners to build a better business. Now in its 12th year in Sydney, the expo is the only event of its kind for the industry and brings together...

Video: Are You Running A Profitable Practice?

Mar 10, 2011

Adam Gibson from Lifestyle Practitioner Academy tells ntpagesTV's Kat Tate that his role is to help practitioners run a succesful business. This is all about setting yourself up with all the relevant skills and knowledge to be able to do this.

Volunteering as a Nutritionist

Mar 09, 2011

There is a Spanish quote that says “The belly rules the mind”, and as a nutritionist you will know that the food we eat can have a huge influence not only on our physical wellbeing, but also our mental wellbeing. If you are interested in bringing...

Volunteering as a Massage Therapist

Mar 01, 2011

Feel like lending a helping hand? Your hands and skills could be instruments for social change by volunteering.Sometimes we think of getting a massage as a bit of a luxury, a treat, but as a massage therapist you will know the benefits of massage for...

Volunteering as a Naturopath

Feb 26, 2011

As a naturopath it’s great to be able to lead people on the path towards total health so that they can find their innate sense of wellbeing. If you want to share your knowledge with as many people as you can and you are keen to give back to your community, community...

Volunteering as a Dietician

Feb 25, 2011

As a dietician you will know that good nutrition is the key to a healthy life. Some people in our society or in other countries, through poverty or lack of education, are unable to access good food or the right types of food. In many parts of the world, and...

Volunteering as a Yoga Teacher

Feb 25, 2011

Encapsulated in the yoga tradition is the idea of seva – the spiritual practice of selfless service. Seva is at the heart of two paths of yoga – karma yoga, which is the yoga of action, and bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion inspired by divine love.

Holistic Humanitarian Healthcare – Youth In Crisis

Dec 04, 2010

One Health Organisation (OHO) is working to bridge the gap between the holistic healthcare sector and the community sector. By placing qualified healthcare volunteers in community projects OHO provides vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals with free...

Practitioner Software - Time to Switch?

Jul 01, 2010

The paperless office may not yet be a reality, but business management software can help to make your practice more efficient, and may just spell the end of the road for that dog eared diary.  Automation is one of the key benefits of installing a dedicated...

AHA and Australia: A Significant Strategic Alliance

Mar 22, 2008

The Australian Hypnotherapists' Association and UK's General Hypnotherapy Standards Council form a significant strategic alliance PRESS RELEASE --- Australia is the home of one of the worlds oldest Hypnotherapy Associations. Founded in 1949, the Australian...

ATMS Australian Traditional-Medicine Society

Nov 30, -0001

Different membership types for ATMS Australian Traditional-Medicine Society ATMS Accredited Membership The major benefits of ATMS Accredited membership include: Membership of Australia’s largest natural medicine association with permission to...

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