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Winter Warming Tips: How to Warm Up Naturally

Jul 5, 2019

Middle of winter and you need to warm up? Let these simple tips help you get toasty during this cold weather.

How Loud Noises Can Make You Jump

Oct 24, 2018 by Kat Tate

Have you ever noticed how loud noises make you jump, but become less startling the next few times you hear them? Check out why!

4 Health Benefits of Dancing

Sep 21, 2018 by Kat Tate

Letting your hair down and dancing isnít just a tonne of fun Ė itís good for you too! Here are 4 health benefits of dancing that might surprise you:

Hydrotherapy Information in 2018

Sep 20, 2018 by Rob Schneider

What is Hydrotherapy and how does hydrotherapy works? Find out out the health benefits of hydrotherapy.

Natural Antiseptics in 2018

Sep 10, 2018

What is a natural antiseptic? Find out which is the best natural antiseptic from this list of natural antiseptics.

Topic: Health Research

New Study Confirms Risks of Secondhand Smoke

Sep 10, 2018 by Kat Tate

Itís never nice breathing in a lungful of someoneís smoke. A new study shows kids exposed to secondhand smoke are likely to die from lung disease as adults.

Everything You Need to Know About Matcha

Sep 5, 2018 by Amanda Fraser

Matcha is quickly becoming a fashion drink. But what is it about this green tea that makes it a much sought-after ingredient in the wellness sector.

Can Caffeine Help with Heart Problems?

Aug 29, 2018 by Kat Tate

For some of us, too much coffee makes our heart race. But a new study has found coffee and tea could actually help with heart problems.

Regular Exercise Might Be the Best Thing for Your Mental Health

Aug 17, 2018 by Kat Tate

A recent study about exercise for mental health showed that exercising for 45 minutes, three to five times a week, works wonders for mental health.

Rural Kids Deal Better with Stress

Aug 13, 2018 by Kat Tate

A new University of Colorado study also found children raised in the country with lots of animals and a dusty environment are more resilient to stress.

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