Best Educational Kinesiologists in Ipswich QLD

Barb & Chris Jamesson


Ipswich, QLD, 4305

Member since 2016

Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology, Kinesiology - Transformational, Kinesiology Online

Conflict resolution Vision Telehealth Business Focus Communication Learning difficulties Coaching Stress

Evergreen Health Harmony Lifestyle

Evergreen Health Harmony Lifestyle - Kinesiology

Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068

Member since 2007

Practicing Kinesiology over 20 years. Mind Body Soul approach - Three in once concept - The one brain method. No matter what...

Learning disabilities Fears Arthritis Disabilities Hormonal imbalance Phobias Rehabilitation Trauma Back pain Fatigue

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

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Maria Brady

Kinesiology Balance for Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Etc.

Wishart, QLD, 4122

Member since 2008

Are you stressed or overwhelmed with what life is throwing at you? Is your neck, shoulders or back sore and don't know why? Call me to find out if and how I can assist you!

Headaches Aches & pains Emotions Arthritis Telehealth Movement Motivation Physical pain Well-being Knee pain

Brad Tacey Kinesiologist

Brad Tacey - Kinesiology

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2005

Specialising in Kinesiology, Brad Tacey's clinic is located at the MacGinley Acupuncture & Natural Therapies Clinic, in Kirby Road, Aspley.

Auditory processing Tension Complementary Trauma Whiplash Learning enhancement Brain integration Migraine Energy Emotional wellbeing

Chelsea Baker

Encircled Yoga & Community Wellness

Yeronga, QLD, 4104

Member since 2015

building & sustaining creative communitieseducate : enrich : evolvesocial & cultural animation : community arts & development...

Movement Emotional intelligence Lifestyle Anxiety Learning enhancement Vision Joy Stress management Energy Coaching

Create The Life You Want To Live!

Gay Landeta, Educational and Transformational Kinesiology & Business and Personal Mentoring.

Brisbane, QLD, 4000

Member since 2005

Fed up of feeling stuck? Gay can help you to let go of the blocks, access your own inner wisdom and take charge of your life!

Spelling Purpose Energy Fitness Movement Metaphysics Creativity Well-being Back pain Adults

Simone Greer

About Vision Your Business

Beachmere, QLD, 4510

Member since 2015

Winners take the time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating.

Movement Business Brain integration Reading Vision Energy Stress management Spelling Joy

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