Best Counsellors in Perth WA

Lee-Anne MacLeod

Brain Gym & Kinesiology Centre of W.A

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2004

My specialty is Brain Gym, Kinesiology & Neuro-Kinesiology. Working from a Medical Surgery in Palmyra plus our clinic in Nedlands. I stimulate your bodies own ability to heal itself by using movement, touch and energetic science. This empowers the individual to help him/herself while gaining confidence and control again!

Business Vision Stress management Assessments Auditory processing Movement Joy Central auditory processing Parkinson's disease Telehealth

Perth Natural Medical Clinic

Perth Natural Medical Clinic

PERTH, WA, 6000

Member since 2005

Perth Natural Medical Clinic is Western Australia's Premier Wellness Clinic established some 30 years ago. Director Val Allen is recognised as the 'grandmother' of the industry in Western Australia, Val has represented natural therapists at the National Council level of the Australian Natural Therapists Association of which she is a Fellow and Life Member. Val is often sought as a media spokesperson and is a regular presenter on topical issues connected...

Wellness Ageing Complementary Business Cancer management Fertility support

Beverley De La Harpe

Relationships & Couples Counselling

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2006

A loving and harmonious relationship is the most precious thing you can own in this world.

Self-confidence Telehealth Feet Hypnotherapist Weight management Values Positivity Anxiety Private health Interpersonal

Buteyko Health

Buteyko Health - Buteyko Breathing

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2006

Improve your health & wellbeing by changing your breathing, when you organise your next professional Buteyko Breathing session with Brian here at Buteyko Health

Migraine Cramps Well-being Restless legs Asthma Hay fever Sinus Sports performance Snoring Telehealth

Janeen Cameron

Dream Coach & Expressive Arts Therapist / Psychotherapist / Clinical Supervisor

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2020

Are you curious what your dreams may be telling you? Would you like to be more expressive, creative and imaginative in how you understand your self, your kids, and your world? What would it give you to be creative in your personal development, self-care and wellbeing?  Janeen will guide you to explore your world using both expressive art therapy and developing your intuition and self belief.  Clinical Supervision and Mentoring also available...

Sensorimotor art therapy Transpersonal art therapy Expressive therapies Personal growth Well-being Self-care National disability insurance scheme (NDIS) Personal development Clinical supervision Coaching

Richard & Helena Boyd

Energetics Institute

Perth, 6000

Member since 2005

Heal Your Body, Mind and Emotions using some of the best approaches to Emotional Health and Human Evolution. We are at the forefront of Body Mind Psychotherapy practice and research in Perth, Western Australia WA.

Trauma therapy Bioenergetics Happiness Lifestyle Depression Postnatal support Sexual abuse Eating disorders Childhood trauma Movement

Vilma Domavari

About Us

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2012

Are you having trouble quitting smoking? Stop drinking alcohol, lose weight on your own? We created a very successful and proven system to never smoke again, gain back your life over alcohol, lose weight, and stay slim. Develop a positive mind and a healthy lifestyle. We want to know more about you. Call us for a 20-minute free telephone consultation.

Transformation Quit smoking Muscular pain Coaching Goal setting Happiness Self-esteem Optimal health Telehealth Guilt

Fabienne Michea


Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2016

PROFESSIONAL ETHICAL HYPNOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING SERVICES - GREAT RESULTS  Fabienne offers professional counselling services using hypnotherapy. She successfully treats a range of issues such as stress and anxiety, past traumatic experiences, chronic pain and medical conditions, phobias, relationship difficulties, addictions and many other conditions. She uses a wide range of techniques to help reach a resolution of the issue that needs to be worked...

Chronic pain Relaxation Depression Private health Stress management Grief Anger management Trauma Subconscious Anxiety

Peter Zapfella

Master Hypnotist, NLP & TimeLine Therapy Master Practitioner

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2005

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety, increase resilience, improve your immune system, quit smoking, lose weight, and much more. Peter's approach is to deal with the real issues, so you can make the mental and emotional changes needed for positive long-lasting! Make an appointment today!

Creativity Emotions Heart disease Adults Sports performance Panic attacks Self-esteem Asthma Lifestyle Collagen

Bridget Kerr

Innervida - Emotional Freedom Techniques and Holistic Coaching

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2021

RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED OR YOU DON'T PAY  Discounted packages available. We help you to heal and consciously create your truest self and the life you want. Working with the mind-body, subconscious and energy systems to balance limiting beliefs, restructure negative thought patterns, ill health, anxiety, trauma and more.

Restructuring Sexuality Energy Emotions Fears Coaching Emotional wellbeing Physical pain Overwhelm Grief

Jean Chaney

Hill Top Hypnotherapy & Counselling Centre

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2021

Accredited and experienced Hypnotherapy practitioner practitioner providing Psychotherapy, professional hypnotherapy, and counselling. Jean specialises in evidence based models of therapy, stress management, Hypnotherapy for anxiety, depression, quit smoking, weight management, healthy lifestyle, peak performance, interview anxiety, and more. Jean has been providing quality hypnotherapy services to people from all walks of life since 2013. Jean is...

Telehealth Depression Academic performance Mental health Insomnia Weight management Focus Clinical hypnotherapy Quit smoking Emotions

Vanja Beric

Vanja Beric Counselling

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2021

Do you sometimes wish you could even the playing field? Your trauma, anxiety, and depression hold you back in life and it seems like we take one step forward two steps back. Let's work together in healing our past so we may move forward lighter and free.  

Telehealth Trauma Childhood trauma Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Trauma therapy Immigrant trauma Psychological trauma Life traumas Ancestral trauma Traumatic abuse


DEBBIE BURTON - Naturopathy

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2005

Debbie has 20 years clinical experience which can assist you & your family with digestive, immune, hormonal and stress disorders.Get in contact if you are ready to rebalance your body and mind to achieve optimal health and energy!

Natural health Microbiome Cramps Fitness Digestive disorders Hormonal imbalance Tonic Allergies Immunity Hay fever

Nadia Kidgell

Counsellor Families, Children and Teens

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2021

Parent and child counselling, aimed at supporting individuals to make sense of their world, and assisting them in developing...

Face to face appointments Online consultations Play therapy Family counselling Raising teenagers Teenager therapy Parenting teenager Teenage behavior Children's anxiety Children's emotional health

Marian Binnie

Everything Changes

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2018

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” - Maya Angelou

Emotionally focused Sexual abuse Anger Conflict resolution Stress management Positive psychology Abuse Anxiety Depression Grief


Elevated Therapy

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2022

My work encompasses a holistic approach, with the combined use of clinical hypnotherapy, strategic psychotherapy, counselling, energy work, and mindset work.

Telehealth Mindset Self-love Anxiety

Keith Flynn

Your Relationship Specialist - Relationship Coaching

East Perth, WA, 6004

Member since 2018

Are you looking to get it right this time? How long have you been trying to create the changes in your marriage, to break the...

Personal issues Overwhelm Self-confidence Vision Coaching Stress management Business Self-esteem

Sarah Goddard Psychotherapy

Transactional Analysis Practitioner

North Perth, WA, 6006

Member since 2021

Improving your mental health and your life can be overwhelming, especially when you’re doing it yourself! With no external insight, it's difficult to create the processes that will improve mental health and self-esteem. Sarah can help you build the life you’ve always wanted. Make an appointment now!

Telehealth Mental health & wellbeing Face to face appointments Anger management Affective disorders Abuse Habits Love Growth Talk therapy

Carol King

Carol King Therapies

Subiaco, WA, 6008

Member since 2013

Freedom from Anxiety & Depression, Frequency Therapy (Healy), IBS Treatment, Lose Weight, Relationship Counselling.

Clinical hypnotherapy Changing habits Weight management Anxiety Smoking cessation Blended family Family therapy Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Group meditation Meditation techniques

Online PsychCare

Telehealth Psychologists Online for Individuals, Couples and Families

Subiaco, WA, 6008

Member since 2022

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. With a warm, empathic and non-judgmental approach, Online PsychCare will work with you to overcome your challenges. Skilled psychologists will help you develop the tools and insights to improve your mental health in the long term. Make an appointment now!

Telehealth Mental health & wellbeing Fears Online consultations Clinical psychology Family counselling Individual counselling Couples counselling Workplace counselling Marriage counselling

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