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Holistic Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Holistic Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Woodvale, WA, 6026

Member since 2021

Helping you achieve your goals, deal with your past, and begin a new journey to a healthier, happier you. Receive services to help you with: anxiety, self-esteem, self-worth, bad habits, phobias and fears, pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss and more. Get accessible and personalised care through online platforms or in-person from our little office in Woodvale, WA. 

Telehealth Fears Anxiety Coping with disability Self-confidence Losing weight Pain management Self-worth Phobias Quit smoking

Indigo Haven Wellness

Watermans Bay, WA, 6020

Member since 2022

Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Reiki, Holistic Counselling, Holistic Counselling Online, Energy Healing Online, Reiki Online, Psychic Online

Intuitive healing Higher vibrational healing Intuitive energy healing No-touch healing Career coaching Career guidance Career issues Career path Intuitive counselling Individual counselling

Learn how your food, exercise, sleep & stress affects your health based on your glucose biomarkers.

Now available for non-diabetics.

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Goldie Wildheart

Energy Medicine - Access Bars® | Access Consciousness Body Processes® an evolution of consciousness

Karrinyup, WA, 6018

Member since 2017

We are multi-existential that thinking outside the box is unnecessary as we are able to delete the boundaries of the box. It...

Mood improvement Trauma Subconscious Grief Belief systems Purpose Sadness Self-healing Energy blocks Exhaustion

Tania Willis

Consultation & Treatments: Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Dispensary Service, Flower E

Wanneroo, WA, 6065

Member since 2019

Tired of superficial treatments that only provide temporary relief? Try these naturopathic treatments and take your health to the next level.

Anxiety Arthritis Chronic pain Chronic health issues Aboriginal/Indigenous health Thyroid problems Autoimmune conditions Muscle pain Asthma Sleep issues

Emma Tucek

Emma Tucek - Creative Wellness

Hocking, 6065

Member since 2017

An experienced and committed health professional with many years of effective, real and practical outcomes for my clients in various settings. I love motivating people in creating the life they would love. Let's take your journey to the next level together!

Social skills Faith transition Emotional wellbeing Growth Fears Dementia Spiritual support Adults Joy Well-being

Perth Psychologists

Perth Psychologists - Psychological Services, Counselling & Psychotherapy

Joondalup, WA, 6027

Member since 2014

Do you want someone who can help resolve your personal problems whilst improving your overall well-being? Perth Psychologists has years of experience in helping people just like you.

Abuse counselling Couples therapy Anxiety Suicide Burnout Overwhelm Health issues Face to face appointments Relaxation Stress management

Beverley De La Harpe

Relationships & Couples Counselling

Subiaco, WA, 6008

Member since 2006

A loving and harmonious relationship is the most precious thing you can own in this world.

Self-confidence Telehealth Hypnotherapist Feet Values Weight management Anxiety Positivity Interpersonal Cancer management

Lee-Anne MacLeod

Brain Gym & Kinesiology Centre of W.A

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2004

My specialty is Brain Gym, Kinesiology & Neuro-Kinesiology. Working from a Medical Surgery in Palmyra plus our clinic in Nedlands. I stimulate your bodies own ability to heal itself by using movement, touch and energetic science. This empowers the individual to help him/herself while gaining confidence and control again!

Business Vision Stress management Assessments Auditory processing Movement Joy Central auditory processing Parkinson's disease Telehealth

Buteyko Health

Buteyko Health - Buteyko Breathing

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2006

Improve your health & wellbeing by changing your breathing, when you organise your next professional Buteyko Breathing session with Brian here at Buteyko Health

Chronic health issues Insomnia Health issues Stress management Infections Fatigue Allergies Circulation Anxiety Migraine

Janeen Cameron

Dream Coach & Expressive Arts Therapist / Psychotherapist / Clinical Supervisor

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2020

Are you curious what your dreams may be telling you? Would you like to be more expressive, creative and imaginative in how you understand your self, your kids, and your world? What would it give you to be creative in your personal development, self-care and wellbeing?  Janeen will guide you to explore your world using both expressive art therapy and developing your intuition and self belief.  Clinical Supervision and Mentoring also available...

Sensorimotor art therapy Transpersonal art therapy Expressive therapies Personal growth Well-being Self-care National disability insurance scheme (NDIS) Personal development Clinical supervision Coaching

Astrology and Tarot Readings

Soul Star Astrology

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2020

Soul Star Astrology Psychic Astrologer and Holistic Counsellor

Family health Reading Fears Astrology Growth Emotions Well-being Love Wellness Purpose

Paige McNaught

Golden Threads Creative Therapy

Perth, WA, 6000

Member since 2016


Creativity Life transitions Personal growth Physical health Overwhelm Interpersonal Fears Motivation Coping skills Grief

Keith Flynn

Your Relationship Specialist - Relationship Coaching

East Perth, WA, 6004

Member since 2018

Are you looking to get it right this time? How long have you been trying to create the changes in your marriage, to break the...

Overwhelm Self-confidence Vision Coaching Stress management Business Self-esteem Personal issues

Sharon Hardeman

Psychic Readings and Psychic Phone Readings

South Guildford, WA, 6055

Member since 2011

Sharon Hardeman; Professional Psychic Counsellor, Clairvoyant and Reiki Master/Healer.

Stress management Lymphoma Pets Massage therapy eDISC Wellness Digestive disorders Colic Grief Telehealth

Enhance Your Life Counselling

Holistic Counsellor

South Perth, WA, 6151

Member since 2016

You may have years of emotional struggle, have lost your self-esteem or self-confidence because of a tough time, be in a daze and overthinking. Anne can guide you through those difficult times and get you out of those dark places. Be empowered as you take steps toward self-discovery. Book today!

Anger Depression Joy Stress management Feeling stuck Anger management Mindset Face to face appointments Self-esteem Emotions


Holistic, intuitive counselling to lessen anxiety, stress and improve your life.

South Perth, WA, 6151

Member since 2021

Is anxiety, stress or the demands of everyday life stealing your energy? Lauren can help you find a way to lessen and manage the overwhelming nature of life with a compassionate, humanistic and holistic approach - because you don't exist in isolation, it's so important to consider the influence of every part of your life. With techniques including mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), Lauren can help you find your way to a peaceful life. To...

Mental health & wellbeing Telehealth Fears Play therapy Walk therapy Holistic therapy Holistic practitioner Dementia Carers support Caregiver support and education

Kim Hardaker

Metatron Bioresonance Scanning

Applecross, WA, 6153

Member since 2013

The METATRON Bioresonance scanning machines tunes into the disturbance of the harmonic synchronisation in any biological object.

Oracle card reading Holistic coaching Mental illness Fitness Chakras Complementary Bereavement Happiness Sleep disorders Lifestyle

Hansi Yasaratna

LightHouse Counselling & Therapy WA

Canning Vale, WA, 6155

Member since 2018

Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counselling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings, relationship...

Habits Mindset Emotions Face to face appointments Conception Depression Stress management Negative belief Focus Stress

Rosetta Abatematteo

Crystal Rose

Mandurah, WA, 6210

Member since 2017

Crystal Rose has been a qualified and practiced CLAIRVOYANT, COUNSELLOR AND HEALER for 26 years now. Internationally acclaimed...

Joy Psychic development Feet Tarot reading Addiction Love Business Mediumship Memory Facial

Evolved Lovers

Evolved Lovers

Watermans Bay, WA, 6020

Member since 2018

Skye is a very soulful, friendly and warm intimacy and sexuality coach. She has helped many couples experience blissful joy within...

Joy Intimacy Love Coaching Trauma Fears

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