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Hi I'm Courtney Jade.

I'm a Holistic Wellness Coach and Reilki Practitioner that works alongside busy Mums, empowering them to go from survive to thrive.

I am an avid believer of the Mind Body Soul connection and it's my goal to help women empower themselves to step into a life of wellness and vitality through mindset, balance and alignment. 

I've been on my own health, personal growth and spiritual journey for some time, and now I'm finally following my true life purpose of inspiring and other women to do the same. 

I look forward to working with you.


Reiki nd Energy healing;

Just like we have a physical body, we also have an energy body. Trauma, past experiences and limiting beliefs have the ability to build up as stuck energy within our bodies. This energy can cause us to become blocked, preventing us from advancing within ourselves and our lives, it can cause unwanted behavioural patterns and can even manifest as physical illness.

I tap into your energy field and clear out any stuck and unconcious energy healing, which may be negatively impacting your physical world. I then use the practice of Reiki to rebalance, heal and cleanse your energy.

Each individual experience is highly unique, you may sense extreme or only subtle shifts. The outcome is a more grounded, balanced and cleansed energy body.

One hour intuitive energy healing and Reiki Session $80

Wellness Coaching;

Life is fast and busy, and as women, we often give all of our time, attention and energy to taking care of those around us. As a result, our own health and wellbeing often suffers, leaving us stressed, deleted, exhausted and overwhelmed. 

My approach to coaching is holistic, empowering you to reah your highest level of vitality, by working on aspects of your mind, body and soul to support you in stepping into a healthier, more vibrant You.

The work begins with getting clear on what you wish to achieve, identifying and removing limiting beliefs and emotional blocks, shifting your mindset and energy vibration so they are in alignment with your goals, and finally incorporating an aligned action plan so that your wellness goals are achievable with grace and ease.

I will empower you through getting clear on your well-being vision, experiencing positive mindset shifts, accountability and removing anything that doesn't serve you on this journey.

One Month package Includes:

- Four X 45 Min one on one coaching sessions
- An array of exercises and tools to support you as you progress  through your coaching journey
- Unlimited email support
- An aligned action plan for you to follow after your coaching       session comes to an end
- I am currently including Two 45 min Energy Healing sessions  into this program, generally priced at $80 each

Reach out for a free connection call to discuss what your goals are, what you can expect from me as your coach, and most importantly, if we are the right fit for each other. 

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