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5 Elements Accupuncture & Chinese Medicine

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5 Elements Accupuncture & Chinese Medicine

We choose this approach because we are dedicated to providing the best possible herbal formula for each patient.

5 Elements Accupuncture & Chinese Medicine - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Similar to Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. Chinese herbal formulae have been recorded amongst some of the earliest medical books in the world.

There are three fundamental aspects to keep in mind when prescribing a herbal formula – safety, quality and efficacy. We prescribe herbs in granule form as they are significantly easier for our clients to prepare for themselves. Our herbal medicine is subjected to some of the most strict and careful quality control processes. This works to ensure that your herbs are not contaminated with any substitutions or impurities and are accurately identified.

Our herbal medicine adheres to the Australian TGA's (Therapeutic Goods Administration) quality control guidelines. We are dedicated to prescribing herbs that are derived from sources of sustainability, and are certified under the Endangered Species Certification Scheme.

We customise each patient’s herbal medicine formula for their particular requirements and the condition that they are presenting with. The prescription is then developed whilst you are still at the clinic allowing you to leave with your medicine.

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