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Isy Gabriel

Isy Gabriel - Retreats

7 Bate St
Central Tilba NSW 2546

Servicing area: Far South Coast NSW

Shadow Tantra Retreats:
An embodied experience of Shadow work, tantra, sexuality, Breathwork and Energenetics
A lush weekend that's deeply healing and loads of fun.

Isy Gabriel - Retreats


"It's been three days since I returned from a Shadow Tantra retreat with Isy Gabriel and I am still floating in a blissful state of enlightened energy. Isy passed on her deep knowledge and understanding of Shadow Tantric concepts with a gentle passion that I found inspiring and life altering. The practical exercises beautifully reinforced the theory and she created a completely safe and nurturing space for it to all unfold.

In addition to the shadow work Isy introduced me to her work with Family Constellations. I am not one to fall for the claims of the modern spirituaI movements without science to back up the claims but I can say honestly that my mind is blown by her work. If I had not witnessed it working repeatedly without fail I would never have believed it.

If you are lucky enough to spend any time working with Isy it will only be to your benefit." Jonathon Totti, Sydney

For more information about any of the Retreats that are on offer or to book in your spot in an upcoming retreat, just give Isy a call or send her a message instantly by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

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