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A meditation studio that helps people become the best, most vibrant version of themselves. Sit with us.

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About Us

Sit with us

In our studio, we deliver regular 30min drop-in meditation classes, but it’s more than a place to practice, it’s a space that allows people to learn and grow.

We’ll sit with you

We offer a variety of corporate workshops, programs and classes that will assist your team in understanding how they can experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

Our philosophy

We believe that in many ways we're more connected than ever before.

But we're also tired and distracted. And as the pressure to do more increases while the hours in the day remain the same, we're left feeling detached from ourselves and the world around us - barely coping with our day to day lives. We want to change this. We want to share meditation and mindfulness - gifts that have helped us both overcome life's many challenges and appreciate life's many joys - and help a community of likeminded people become the best, most vibrant versions of themselves.

Whether this is the first time you've stumbled across us or you've been with us since day one, thank you for the love and support. It means the world and then some. We're excited to learn and grow with you.

Begin or deepen your practice

Whether you’re thinking about meditating for the first time or a seasoned veteran, we’ve got a class for you.


We’ve designed our classes around the problems we’ve encountered in our own lives and also what we’ve seen and heard.

Be Vibrant

To be vibrant is to be alive and energetic; ready for whatever the day has to offer. Through pranayama techniques, this class will help you increase and manage your energy levels.

Be Connected

The pace of our lives often leaves us feeling emotionally detached. Through loving kindness meditation, this class will help you become more connected with yourself and those around you.

Be Relaxed

Living in a city can be inspiring, but also incredibly exhausting. Through Yoga Nidra, this class will help you relax your mind and body and allow you to experience a sense of stillness.

Be Grounded

We’re surrounded by sound everyday, but rarely do we use it to calm ourselves. In this class, we use instruments and sound meditation techniques to ground you in the moment.

Be Clear

From our work to our personal lives, time and attention seem like rare gems. Through mindfulness meditation,, we’ll help you cultivate a deeper sense of concentration and clarity.

Be Balanced

We can spend a lot of time sitting so it’s important to move our bodies. Our yin yoga classes will help you regulate the energy in your body and improve your mobility.

Create a more mindful workplace

Our approach is focused on understanding your team to ensure we’re providing them with the best opportunity to not only improve their performance, but, more importantly, their lives.

A free private class

30min, free classes act as an introduction into the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. We explore the theory behind the practice and deliver a short guided meditation.

Customised workshops

60min workshops are centred around the needs of your team. Each workshop explores a specific theme and has a variety of engaging and practical activities.

4 week programs

4 week programs are an exploration into the theory and application meditation. To ensure they develop positive habits, we provide your employees with ongoing support via email.

Ongoing Engagements

Our monthly retainers consist of a combination of weekly 30min classes, monthly workshops and/or 4 week programs to suit the needs of your team. Contact us to discuss a tailored option.

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