Cheryl Anne Kinesiology

Cheryl a Sydenham

New Farm QLD 4005

Focus area: Telehealth
Restore  joy in your life with Kinesiology, 
Feel the wonderful changes for yourself

Life stress may become

Imbalances - Physical, Structure, Feeling Stuck

Emotional stress, Learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Relationship difficulties, Phobias, 

Nutritional/ Chemical imbalances / Allergy / Skin / Hair

STuck in Survival mode- fight or flight

Feeling Exhaustion/ Overwhelm/ Overloaded

Reproduction / Life Change Issues

Repetitive, Non Beneficial, Thoughts, Feelings and Attitudes 

.......Dis Ease...... 

Kinesiology taps you back to your wisdom

Improve your life 

Cheryl Anne Kinesiology

Kinesiology works with 

  • Chakra Energy Systems 
  • Polarity / Electrical  ystems 
  • Sound therapy / tuning forks
  • Acupuncture Meridian System
  • Neuro-Lymphatic Reflex System
  • Neuro - Vascular Reflex System
  • Survival Systems of the body 
  • Crystals
  • Flower Essences
  • Essential Oils

Health systems 

  • Emotional/ mental
  • Structural/ physical
  • Nutritional / Chemical


Qualification details

Applied Physiology Diploma IIAP Professional Kinesiology Course International Institute of Applied Physiology IIAP Registered Nurse

Service categories

This practitioner provides online consults
Cheryl Anne Kinesiology