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A Balance Centre Kinesiology & Massage

Kym Cooper

Chirnside Park VIC 3140

Servicing area: Eastern suburbs, Lilydale, Mooroolbark, Mt Evelyn, Croydon, Wonga Park, Yarra Valley, Healsville

A Balance Centre Kinesiology & Massage


 Support the emotional and physical well being of your much loved companion. Kym was the Animal coordinator and assistant trainer on the movie Red Dog.

A Balance Centre - Canine Kinesiology

Kym Cooper was Koko the Kelpie's Kinesiologist,one of his close companions and minder throughout the making of the Australian movie Red Dog.

"It was fantastic to care for a wonderful dog like Koko, who was very sensitive and had such a kind heart.

I enjoy helping dogs as well as humans using Kinesiology. I am able to access the emotion your dogs are feeling and then we can work with ways to settle their discomfort.

With this knowledge we can determine whether your dog is having an emotional challenging time or whether they may need a lifestyle/dietary change. Home visits are available, these are great for a convalescing dog. "

Some of the health problems I have helped dogs through, are arthritis, digestion problems, and immune dysfunction. Hyperactivity and dogs who are very fearful.

Animal emotional health is so important to acknowledge.

Recent studies on the brains of dogs, reveal what many have felt they already knew; that most dogs are able to recognise their human friends, voice, and tone.

Ref, Journal of Current Biology, Voice-Sensitive Regions in the Dog and Human Brain are Revealed Pub, Feb 20 2014

I add most dogs, as with humans, many dogs have suffered or are suffering from brain damage or deficiencies, due to complications at birth, trauma or environmental factors.

Kinesiology is a way of determining how your dog's current state of emotional and physical wellbeing is.

With this therapy, past traumas may be released and imbalances in the body corrected.

What others are saying:

Thanks so much Kym. Kenzi is doing good, she's healthier and happier each day. I've done lots of research and have started switching her to a raw food diet to make her as healthy as possible. She had her first bone the other day and she absolutely loved it :) so we're on the right track and are getting her better! Thanks heaps for your help.
Leanne and Kenzi, Dec 2015

"My little man Porridge (Maltese 14 years of age) and I have had a rough few months, navigating our way through a number of critical health challenges.
We finally found ourselves on the right track under the care of our incredible integrative vet clinic, though emotionally I was stuck in a state of fear. Resulting in me being over protective of Porri and very anxious.
What a blessing it was to have a session with Kym. Kym knew exactly what Porridge needed to communicate to me, she spoke for him in a way that visibly shifted his mindset and energy within minutes. He clearly felt a massive weight lifted seeing me understand how he was feeling, it was nothing short of profound. During the hours and now weeks that followed, he has walked with a lightness and spring in his step, his confidence has returned and we are more connected than ever. With Kym's guidance I was able to see the adjustments I needed to make within myself, this shift has brought such light and joy to us. I highly recommend Kym to anyone with an open mind and a desire to improve their own life and the life of their dog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have given us. Love Jess & Porridge- Kinglake Vic"

Call me now if you feel you or others are having a difficult time relating with your dog or your dog is not responding to health treatments.

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Qualification Details

Kym Cooper - Qualifications

    Diploma of Kinesiology
    Diploma of Remedial Massage
    Bachelor of Social Science, behaviour studies, current
    Touch for Health Instructor
    Motivation Tutor
    Animal Coordinator Film & Television
    Certificate IV in Children's Services
    Certificate in Shiatsu Therapy and Aromatherapy


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Kenzi, at Xmas time. A very happy client.