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Peaceful sleeping , Nutritious food, Increased energy, the right exercise program - a balanced body

Abbotsleigh Natural Health Care

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Holland Park, Queensland

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Body composition Private health Emotional wellbeing Intolerance Joy Wellness


Is your current lifestyle being affected by poor quality sleep, tiredness, feeling sluggish, hormone & mood imbalance, unwanted stress, weight gain, poor food choices, digestive issues and lack of ecercise?

For over 8 years, I have been helping clients improve their quality of life by getting them on their path to wellness by tweaking their diet, improving the absorption of nutrients, improving sleep and energy levels – returning to body balance and harmony.

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My role as a fully qualified Naturopath is to find the underlying cause of your presenting symptoms &/or illness. This involves an initial 1 hour consultation discussing diet, lifestyle, past medical history plus more. Also, we may need to perform some in-house testing or external pathology testing to identify nutritional deficiencies, system pathway imbalances etc. Together, at an agreed pace, we will then implement a treatment plan to make all the necessary health adjustments to return you to wellness.
At Abbotsleigh Natural Healthcare my speciality is sleep management, fatigue, nutritional dietary advice, digestive/gut disorders, male & female infertility, mood, stress and hormone imbalance, menopause, thyroid conditions, weight loss & management.

In House Testing

Our in-house testing procedures that indicates nutritional deficiencies through poor dietary choices or compromised gut permeability, inflammation, poor clearance of fats, liver health, immune system health status.
You will receive a customised report showing images of your blood with an individualised interpretation of your current health results.

Through follow up screening you can witness health improvements or changes. The system generates a history report showing changes over time confirming that with improved choices you are making a difference to your health.

Body Composition Analysis

This is an in-house testing procedure, known as Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) which assists in designing a treatment program specifically for your needs. Nutritional supplements if necessary, exercise recommendations and dietary advice will be provided giving you the building blocks for maximum health and energy.

BIA is a science originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in a hospital setting. I connect leads to your hand and foot and pass a low voltage electrical current through your body. This may sound alarming, but it is safe and painless and provides me with an insight into aspects of your health such as how much muscle that you have in your body. This science has even been used in several missions to space, to monitor the changes to the astronauts body composition.

I will produce a customised report detailing the weight of your fat mass compared to your ideal fat mass, your muscle mass compared to your ideal muscle mass, hydration levels, nutritional deficiencies and many more indicators. I can also produce ongoing reports measuring your progress with weight loss, increased muscle mass, improved hydration and energy levels – with the intention of preventing chronic diseases e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc.

Fitgenes Genetic Profiling

The World’s Most Advanced Approach to Healthy Living: Healthy Ageing

The Fitgenes program is based on the science of how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with genetics to influence how effectively our bodies function.

The Fitgenes program of personalised genetic profiling focuses on the genes that support health and well-being, as these genes can be modified by lifestyle choices. This means that whilst our genes can’t be changed, we can compensate for their effect and this is the key to managing their influence on our health and well-being.

An Easy Three Step Process
  • I am a fully qualified Fitgenes Practitioner, so please contact me and I will discuss your health requirements and outline the program to you.

  • We will then book a consultation to complete a simple, non-invasive saliva sample. Your sample is sent to the laboratory to profile the genes that influence your health and well-being. The results are then returned to myself, typically within 15-18 days.

  • Once received, I will analyse your genetic profile using Fitgenes proprietary tools and resources to design a personalised program of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle choices and work with you to achieve your desired health outcomes.

About your Practitioner

Larae Smith
    BSc (Complimentary Medicine)
    Adv.Dip of Naturopathy,
    Fitgenes Practitioner
    Member of ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Association)
Credit Card/Debit Card facilities & HICAPS for Private Health Insurance (Extras cover) is available.

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