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DO YOU DREAD THAT TIME OF THE MONTH?… Are you experiencing Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or Other Hormonal Disorders e.g. Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids,   Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Infertility?

Abbotsleigh Natural Health Care - Women's Health

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Women’s Health

Experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Painful period, cramping

  • Mood swings – irritable, teary, depression

  • Feeling bloated/abdominal distention

  • Sore breasts

  • Anaemia

  • Pain in other regions of the body during menstruation

  • Obesity

  • Irregular periods

  • Miscarriage

  • Heavy periods

  • Headaches prior to or during menstruation

  • Nausea

  • Constipated

  • Frequent urination

  • Blood sugar irregularities

  • Excessive hair growth on your face and body

  • Unsuccessful attempts at falling pregnant

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and/or any reproductive conditions, it is absolutely integral to restore health, balance and vitality to all of your body systems including the Reproductive and Hormonal system. Larae will develop a total General Health Appraisal, Stress and Mood and Women’s Health questionnaires, perform some in-house testing, and look to arrange specific external pathology tests to determine your treatment plan.

Larae will then go to perhaps advise some lifestyle and dietary changes, prescribe herbal and nutritional combinations to suit your individual needs, or a range of other techniques or modalities to restore balance from within.

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