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Just as You are an individual You may also have specific nutritional requirements?

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FOOD ADVICE - Getting the Balance right for YOU

“There is so much misinformation about food today and what we should or should not eat,” Susan notes.

“There is a lot of confusion today about what constitutes a healthy diet. Many people believe that they need a restrictive diet in order to be healthy. For example, many people choose “fat free” foods with the misconception that they are eating healthily, when in fact such foods can often be loaded with sugars.”

“We need to embrace food once again as one of the pleasures in our lives instead of feeling guilty or confused every time we eat something.”

“My aim is to inform people about what foods their bodies actually need, and the importance of eating a wide variety and balanced range of food. Real food nourishes not only the body but also our emotional selves,” explains Susan.


Susan develops tailored eating plans to improve everyday health, from weight management to promoting a sense of wellbeing.

She helps her clients adjust their eating patterns and teaches ways to make nutritious meals quickly and easily, whether catering for one person, busy couples or families.

Susan also provides advice on making wise choices when dining out or buying takeaway and what to stock in your fridge and pantry so you can easily whip up a quick and tasty meal – vital for those with busy lives. Let us help you take the stress out of making better choices.


Many factors can affect how easily you can lose weight, e,g, hormonal imbalance, stress, metabolic acidosis, subclinical health conditions. If you are trying to manage your weight, Susan will give you a realistic eating plan, handy tips and strategies to help keep you focused on achieving your goals and controlling temptations. If there are underlying health issues Susan will help you to correct these to enable you to lose weight and keep it off! Stop making excuses and take action today.


If you're on a restricted diet let us inspire YOU by introducing new foods and delicious recipes. Just because you can't eat certain foods, e.g. wheat doesn't mean you are condemned to only eating specially made gluten free foods. There are many other tastier and exciting options out there which Susan will help you to discover. Rediscover the joy of eating delicious meals.


Stress can have an enormous impact on your health. It affects your ability to digest and absorb food properly. You may be eating a healthy diet, spending good money on organic produce but not gaining the benefits. It affects your sleep, energy levels and your weight.

Susan helps you discover strategies to manage stress and eat well to help you cope better with the pressures of today. Take back control today.

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My primary objective is to help my clients find what's not working for them, (on the off chance that they don't definitely know) and discover answers to turn their life around.

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I provide specific care for Women and their unique health concerns! 

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