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About You Kinesiology is just that all about you.

About You Kinesiology

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What can kinesiology do?

Whatever your age, you are the product of your past and every sound, smell, taste, touch and experience has come together to create the person you are today and the reason you respond to situations the way you do. This tapestry of self is created subconsciously, so that we react to situations without really doing so from a conscious place. This means we are reacting to situations instantly and without being able to reflect and think about a better solution.

By taking a client back to the cause of their current behaviour I am able to release the unconscious reaction to a situation which is then slowly replaced with conscious choice. This change takes time, however once it begins the changes that come with it mean that your life in the future is dealt with from a clearer place, with less confusion and less likely to make you feel like a victim. Consciousness means leading a life you choose and not one you feel compelled to lead.

This change allows you to be the person you know you should be, not the person you were taught you should be.

How does it work?

The wonderful advantage kinesiology has over other modalities is the direct feedback from muscles, which interrelate to organs and meridians. Using this unique technique allows the kinesiologist to incorporate many skills. While there is a fundamental set of techniques, each kinesiologist ultimately creates their own style and incorporates the myriad of knowledge they gather while they are studying kinesiology as well as other relevant subjects.

So basically kinesiology is all about the feedback I receive from my clients muscles. In a physical/pain balance I am testing if the muscle can withstand a firm pressure. If it cant, I know that not only the muscle, but the corresponding meridian and organ are also affected. This doesnt mean the muscle is permanently weak or that the organ is diseased. It means at the time of the balance the system in these areas is out of balance and will benefit from being rebalanced using the kinesiology techniques. All bodies go in and out of balance according to the stress they are placed in.

While we reset easily and often, sometimes our body becomes locked into a negative pattern that causes our bodies to stay out of balance. This could be because of an injury, illness or other cause, but whatever the reason the body benefits from being brought back to its best centre of balance. In this state we are better able to deal with the stress which caused the pain or imbalance.

People under stress, whether it is physical, emotional, nutritional or energetic are finding life more difficult to cope with. We all function best when stress is low and as stress increases our quality of life is diminished. So I am always delighted by the positive gentle results kinesiology gives. The results may be gentle and subtle in nature, however clients should notice a shift in how they are feeling physically, emotionally or other once the session is completed. Pain may be reduced and the ability to think clearly can be enhanced once stress is reduced. Using a percentage scale regarding the physical or emotional stress allows the client to focus on how high their stress is before the session and once the session is concluded, refocusing on the original stress level allows the client to gauge how this has now altered for the better.

I always commence each session by asking if I am able to work with my client on an energy level, and if we can work gently, joyfully and in a caring way. It is interesting how often the body rejects one of these concepts and I often have to deal with that before the main session begins.

I am very interested in how our emotions influence our life and my aim is to use the Counselling skills I have studied within kinesiology as well as other Holistic techniques to assist my clients to increase the potential of their life. Every person deserves to feel good about themselves and that is forefront in all the balances I give.

An emotional session differs from one for pain and the muscle testing is more subtle, using one indicator muscle to assist me to ask the clients body what is the major stress. Once this has been determined I work to release the held onto emotion and all the negativity that is causing in my clients life.

While the stress is happening in real time, often the stress is amplified because of a belief about self, which developed while they were young and by taking the client back to that point in time and releasing the need to hold onto that response allows the client to move into a better response system for their future, which lessens the stress they will have in the future.

We did not get to where we are now overnight and so kinesiology is not a one fix wonder but rather a series of sessions designed to give each person the release they need for whatever it is they are dealing with.

As a kinesiologist I do not diagnose illness, nor disregard medical expertise and I do not conflict with the medical diagnosis, however I do deal with each person as an individual that needs to be treated according to their own unique situation and develop a course of action according to their individual circumstance.

I have studied many different styles of kinesiology and have amalgamated these into my own style utilizing all the skills I have developed over the past fifteen years. From Touch for Health, Counselling kinesiology, Three in one and other styles as well as other subjects studied at Endeavour college and Life College.

As well as Reiki, Bush flower essences, Pilates, Tai chi, meditation, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition and much more.

My aim is to give each individual the best kinesiology experience I can.

Everyone benefits from kinesiology because each session is unique to the present needs of my client. Each session uses my clients own responses to questions asked. The unique ability of kinesiology is the feedback I receive via the muscles in response to either a fourteen muscle test or to an indicator muscle which will give feedback to specific questions.

Depending on the reason for the client attending will determine the type of session given.

Throughout our life it is important to tend to our continuing wellbeing. We do not need a crisis or stress to benefit from kinesiology, in fact keeping balanced means we handle all stresses more effectively and with less personal trauma. However in a time of crisis kinesiology can reduce the stress by releasing held onto self believes that we have learnt though out our lives and having a balance when we are not in a crisis means we keep moving forward into the future with clarity and conscious choice.

The older we are the longer we have had that belief and the more it impacts on how we lead our current life. Lifting those past belief systems opens us to the future and joy that we knew as children we deserved.


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