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Jun 2015

Energy Medicine 8

Contact Name Natalie Crabtree
Phone 02 80048323 (satelite phone)
Mobile 0424 168 875
Address 1240 Norton Rd
Wamboin NSW 2620
Servicing Areas Wamboin, Bundgendore, Queanbeyan, Sutton, Bywong, Goulburn, Canberra and surrounds & Australiawide and International via Online

Transformational Healing 

Qigong energy healing and Mindfulness with Sound healing

Qigong for chronic disease or become a practitioner of Qigong

Energy Management techniques and Mindfulness coaching

Chronic Disease - transforming disease at cellular level with very strong energies  entrained to 8th dimensional energy levels

Soul DNA activation

Sound healing 

Opening your Energetic system entraining and connecting you to a higher level so you too can enjoy the Bliss of universal energies


Energy Medicine 8

I trained as a Registered Nurse in Thames Hospital New Zealand Self Healing Qigong Healer/ practitioner for 12 years >

Energy Healing; I was connected and entrained to 5th dimensional energies by Judy Satori in 2006.

Practised Qigong working with my energetic body for 12 years to clear all disturbances.  I have not had any illness in that entire time. 

My strenght is the transformative energy coming through me and it knows exactly what to do having an intelligence of its own.  Also I understand the science and my course is recognised by doctors and has been proven in a Hospital setting in China.  I   I have invested 12 years energetically and mindfully healing back to a pure soul of devinity to be PURE channel for this energy - so I can really help others.  I feel this is my soul contract to educate others how they can heal themselve through energy and sound and mindfulness.

I have taught meditation teachers, holistic counsellors and chair yoga instructors for the past 3 years and wish to teach all I have discovered.

Energetic upgrades Charka balancing , unblocking meridians and energetic body flow, activating your soul memory and DNA, Tibetain style acupressure, Holistic counselling treating acute pyschosis, depressions, anxiety and more...

For more information or to make an enquiry contact Natalie today!!

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Energy Medicine 8