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Corporate fitness and health assessments promote a healthier, more energised workforce, which equates to significant bottom line savings and.... Corporate yoga is known for its ability to reduce stress and increase productivity, making it a rewarding way to invest in the health and wellness of your employees

Absolutely Corporate - Corporate Yoga & Fitness

Corporate Fitness

Less sick days, enhanced productivity, less staff turnover and decreased workers compensation costs are only a handful of the benefits that leading Australian companies are experiencing with corporate fitness programs. Absolutely Corporate provides at-work health assessments, along with fitness challenges and corporate fitness programs. Our knowledgeable, expert and highly experienced physiologists are dedicated to improving the health of your employees and enabling them to set objectives for lasting and positive change.

Fitness in the office:

  • Comprehensive health assessments

  • 12 week corporate fitness challenges

  • Follow up and support

  • Outdoor or on-site fitness classes

  • Professional approach

Benefits to employees:

  • A preventative health guide

  • Support to reach goals

  • Enhanced energy and wellbeing

  • Nutrition, health and fitness advice

  • Reduced risk of chronic disease

Benefits to workplace:

  • Less absenteeism

  • Improved collaboration between staff

  • Reduced rates of illness in the office

  • Increased employee loyalty

Corporate Yoga

Being seated at a desk all day can lead to serious long-term health side effects and have been labelled “the smoking of this generation”. Absolutely Corporate classes have been custom designed to adapt to suit the corporate workplace and are tailored to the requirements of your employees. We focus on stretching areas of tension, like a sore neck, rounded shoulders, aching back and tight hamstrings. Participants will experience an increase in concentration and focus, enhancing productivity and motivation.

Yoga in the office:

  • Length of the class is 45 minutes

  • A maximum of 15 people

  • Seated yoga

  • Advanced and beginners classes

  • Introductory 10 minute stretch class

Benefits to Employees:

  • Decreased stress levels

  • Vitality and energy

  • Fewer muscle aches

  • Improved posture

  • Increased strength and flexibility

Benefits to the Workplace:

  • A noticeable boost to the bottom line

  • Less staff turnover

  • Improved employee loyalty

  • Less staff absenteeism

  • Improved staff morale

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