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AccessWorld Seminars - Life coach

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AccessWorld Seminars - Life coach

About Joshua Roy

Life Coach – Master of Ceremonies – Motivational Speaker – Personal Trainer

Joshua loves bringing joy, happiness, and breathing life into any setting.  He is proficient in communication with both individuals and groups.  His unique 5 step communication model has assisted many people to increase their personal influence and ability to communicate with power.

Joshua Roy is known for:

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Master of Ceremonies Presenter

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Entertainer

The single greatest attribute that Joshua brings is his ability to affect an audience with excitement and enthusiasm.

Life Coaching

I am motivated to share what I have learned in my life coaching path with those who may not have had as many opportunities in their lives, or have not known where to look for the secrets that the rich and famous know.  These changes will literally TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.


  1. Emotional Wellbeing.

  2. Physical Health

  3. Relationships

  4. Financial/Career

  5. Spirituality/Purpose

Bring me a problem and together we will find a way to resolve it. THIS IS RISK FREE.

Powerful transformation’s have occurred in the following areas. I am experienced at dealing with the following areas, and know that this is just the tip of the ICEBERG.

  • Phobia of Spiders.

  • Addictions to Sugar, Sex, Pornography.  Overeating.

  • Unwanted feelings of Anxiety, rejection or feeling Unloved.  Resentment.

  • Anger Management.

  • Biting Fingernails.

  • Low self-esteem.

  • Stuttering.

  • Nerves in job interviews.

  • Low energy, lethargic.

  • Negative thinking

ONCE AGAIN I AM BOLD TO PROCLAIM. Bring me a problem and together we will find a way to resolve it. THIS IS RISK FREE.

So, why us?

Why would you want to trust Access World Seminars to help accelerate your life?  Here is a few reasons why we know WE ARE the BEST CHOICE for you!

Access World Seminars:

  • Motivates and inspires the hearts and minds of clients, and Promotes Passion, Energy and Excitement

  • Latest information for change by unlocking unconscious resistance.

  • Network of people committed to developing true leadership ability.

    • Opportunity to assist in Seminars to continue your development of Rapport influence and charisma

  • Has a personal concern for each person.  To us you are not just a number.

  • Ongoing support and assistance.

  • Mission and purpose as a primary consideration

  • Is Australian owned and run.

Contact Us today and get rid of the barriers that are holding you back!

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