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Life-enhancing outcomes experienced by Chrissie's clients.


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Melbourne, Australia + Globally via Zoom

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Transformational therapy Trauma healing Somatic experiencing therapy Mental health & wellbeing Clinical hypnotherapy Complex trauma


Chrissie is a very caring and compassionate RTT Hypnotherapist. She helped me work on years of troubling behaviours that were crippling my life. You see I was born during the Croatian war and then spent years as a war refugee, and although Australia has been home for two decades life never felt safe.

I wanted simple things like being able to go to the supermarket by myself and feel safe. I suffered from social anxiety which hindered my ability to be part of the outside world. I experienced anger flipping into a rage and from other personal issues. I did not like myself or know what it was like to feel happy.

Now I have completed my sessions I have a sense of freedom and calm and can live happily in my world. I don’t get angry or physically pick at myself anymore. I’ve forged an amazing relationship with my Mum and have the desire to get my own place with the work I have taken on.

Sometimes I just stop and think I don't recognize this person, but I love this person.

Chrissie is the perfect guide to help you work through anything big or small. Always available and always very loving and caring.

Again, thank you so much for all you've done.

- Maja


‘I had suffered for most of my adult life with issues of self-esteem and self-worth. Having recently separated from a relationship of 20 years, I decided it was time to work on some long-standing misconceptions of myself.

Chrissie guided me through my RTT treatment with great care and helped me focus on these areas. She, with care and confidence, helped me isolate and then disconnect from the root causes of my issues.

Since my RTT treatment, I have found that these feelings and thoughts rarely enter my mind. When they do, I am able to refocus and deliver a more positive message.

I am now living the change I experienced through my own RTT session with Chrissie. To say it is life-changing is an understatement... I don’t even relate to who I was before.

Words can’t express my thanks.’

- B Gleeson


My childhood abuse played awful games as I suffered from PTSD, continually stressed and triggered, always pretending life was okay to get by.

Post my one RTT session with Chrissie, I now don’t run around living in circles of fright, helplessness, pain and stress. No wonder I was so tired!!!

Now I am just me and every day I feel more in touch with happiness and a sense of peace. I’m so much more present, my mind has quietened,

I have more energy, and best of all, I don’t have to pretend anymore.

Thank you, Chrissie, from the bottom of my peaceful, happy heart.

- Jane C


I have had a lot of counselling, healing, and psychotherapy over the last 25 years around my issues with toxic and psychologically abusive relationships, but I still seem to repeat similar patterns in how I relate to the men in my life. The last relationship left me with a lot of anxiety and panic to deal with and I had been seeing a psychotherapist for about a year for support with this.

I then had one session with Chrissie which worked wonders for me. I am so grateful for the gift of my RTT transformation, I am a different, more whole, and confident person with much greater levels of self-worth and self-care and has made my life so much more blissful than ever before.

It is as if my old patterns simply do not exist in my consciousness anymore and my feelings of panic and anxiety have dissipated into clarity and calm.

I definitely recommend Chrissie and RTT to anyone who wants to feel more joy, peace, and love in their lives. It really works and at such a deep transformative level.

 - Catherine Opie 
Mind Body Connection Practitioner


I needed to tackle my negative self-talk, but I didn’t know where to start. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was I wanted to improve, just felt it all stemmed from my low confidence and self-worth.

Chrissie was able to guide me in a way to start my own self-discovery. She was kind, professional, understanding and I felt safe in every session that took place. Chrissie helped me to really find the root cause of some long-held ideas that I had about myself. Now my negative self-talk has reduced and changed, I gained more confidence, and I am not attracting the same negative situations anymore.

I live interstate and Chrissie was more than willing to facilitate sessions over the internet and I found them just as effective as sitting face to face.

I could not recommend Chrissie and the service she provides enough. If you are not quite sure or you know what you wish to improve on and you want to make a long-term change, I would say with 100% certainty that Chrissie and RTT are for you!

- Kristy G.


As a Reiki Master, Yoga and Qi Gong teacher and researcher of consciousness for 25+ years, I can distinguish teachers and practitioners who ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’.

Without hesitation, I can confirm Chrissie Catling is a teacher and practitioner of truth, honour and integrity.

After every conversation I have with Chrissie, I am reminded of my true self, and my life path - I feel inspired and supported each and every time.  I am honoured to have Chrissie a part of my own personal healthcare team.

If you have ever wondered the meaning of your life, how to get beyond your current limited mindset and open yourself to your true potential, I can highly recommend Chrissie Catling and RTT.

- Lou Webb
Victoria, Australia

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With love Chrissie


  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • Somatic Healer
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists

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