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Back to Health Naturally

SCENAR therapy or natural healing is a way of assisting the body to heal itself.

Back to Health Naturally - SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR therapy can be used to treat pain associated with Trauma, Bursitis, Surgery, Musculoskeletal problems or Neck Pain, Carpal tunnel, Digestive complaints, Dental problems and Fibromyalgia, Nerve pain, Shin splints, Tennis elbow, Sciatica, Muscle tears, Plantar fasciitis, Scar tissue, Frozen shoulder, Arthritic pain and inflammation.

What is SCENAR?

The SCENAR is a small handheld device that is electronic that your practitioner will apply to your skin.

SCENAR is an acronym that describes not only what it is, but also how it influences a body:

  • Self-Controlling (with reference to the body as the main controlling influence)

  • Energo-Neuro outlines the use of an electrical impulse that connects with the neurological system through the skin and,

  • Adaptive Regulator describes the device’s influence on the body’s ability to create change.

For more information about the SCENAR and the history of the device, click here. If you would like to book a session with us, contact us today.

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