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Overcome Addictions and Bad HabitsQuit Smoking and Alcohol, Stop Emotional Eating Achieve your ideal body shapeand improve health and life style... The life you have been dreaming about is just around the corner, allow me to help you turn that corner!

Hypnotherapy for Healthy Life Style and Healthy Habits

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Online consultations Australia-wide, or in-person in North Ryde.

Focus areas

Relaxation Self-esteem Motivation Purpose Joy Wellness

Can you benefit from this life changing process?

If you have been struggling with bad habits and addiction like:

  • Smoking
  • Over eating
  • Too much alcohol drinking
  • Bad sleeping habits or insomnia
  • Too much stress
  • Sedentary life style
  • or any other bad habits (e.g. nail biting)

If you suffer from anxiety and phobias, trauma, emotional issues, internal conflicts, compulsions and bad habits.

Then you will definitely benefit from this process and my professional expertise. There is no viable reason for you to go on struggling, dont waste your life away pick up the phone and call NOW, for an Obligation Free appointment!! I assure you that you will not regret it! The changes in the lives of my clients have been truly amazing.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy are advanced mind techniques that create rapid change working directly with the unconscious mind. Its a gentle and effective way to change those habits at the root and reprogram you mind to a better life style.

The benefits are priceless and can be utilised for any individual no matter their concerns:

  • Your long term health and life span will improve
  • Your appearance will become more youthful.
  • Your energy levels and vitality will substantially increase
  • Your happiness and joy will increase
  • You will be able to achieve more
  • Your level of success in all areas of life will increase.

This is a genuinely life changing process and Gema is very insightful and caring and she provides a safe and private environment and a non judgemental attitude. Her skills have helped countless amounts of clients to grow and become happy and healthy.

NLP and Hypnosis for Quit Smoking

This is one of the most common reasons for people coming to see a hypnotist and one of the best-known uses of hypnosis.

Our success rates with quitting smoking are very high and whats more, hypnosis is a very positive and natural way to quit smoking. You will experience no withdrawals which are common when attempting to quit smoking. Hypnosis is a gentle, safe and effective method. I implore you to come in for one session and realise the true difference between the power of hypnosis and misinformed conventional solutions.

We will be able to help make the quitting process much easier and give people the tools they need to break the habit forever.

The reason NLP and hypnosis are so helpful for people achieving their ambition of becoming a non-smoker is that it addresses the unconscious reasons for smoking, for instance:

  • Deeply ingrained habits first developed years ago
  • The fear of stopping and how difficult it feels
  • The psychological triggers for lighting a cigarette (stress, excitement, boredom, nervousness etc)
  • The strong associations with certain places, situations and people

For this reason, hypnosis can help you become a non smoker permanently, and to make the process much easier than you probably ever imagined possible. Going even further than this, you will become a non-smoker for life! The changes brought about by hypnosis are lasting. So what are you waiting for? Change your entire life with me today!

Losing Weight and Feeling Fitter and Healthier

Most people who try to lose weight fail to achieve their weight loss goals and those who do, generally find that they gain back their weight eventually. The reason is that the underlying causes for the weight gain has not been dealt with. It is here that we concentrate most of our energy, we achieve positive results where other fad diets and other methods fail.

The underlying issues that may be holding you back from achieving your goals can include personal motivation, self-esteem, flawed beliefs, and even just unhealthy habits. These are all things that NLP and coaching can really help you with. The transformations I have witnessed in some of my clients has even shocked me!

NLP can be used to help clients with weight loss by helping them to:

  • Change the bad habits that have led to the weight increase into much healthier and more positive habits
  • Think more appropriately and build a positive image of themselves now and in the future
  • Let go of emotional blocks and things that are stopping them from losing weight
  • Build up self-confidence and motivation
  • Feel much more motivated to exercise and take the practical steps necessary to start losing the weight
  • Let go of negative programming and ideas, such as the dieting mentality that tells you to make yourself lose weight by depriving yourself of certain foods and make yourself follow rules you dont enjoy.

Losing weight is no doubt a complex and challenging issue but with my effective coaching, NLP and a true and real commitment to making healthy and positive changes, you can enjoy the amazing results that so many of my clients already have.

Recently we have been using Gastric Band Hypnosis which is a virtual gastric band operation. It was developed in England by Sheila Granger and it has had great success rates (even higher than the actual operation but without the side effects.).

Gastric Band Hypnosis

  • Have you been searching for an easy, quick and natural way to lose weight?
  • Have you attempted all types of diets and weight loss programs with no true results?
  • If you have tried everything and Gastric Band Surgery keeps coming up, why not give it a go?

Hypnosis makes your subconscious mind believe that you have received a gastric band operation and it will lead you to feeling full quickly and reduce the amount of food you ingest in one sitting. The insertion of a hypnotic gastric band is conducted through the insertion of carefully selected and easily acceptable suggestions into your powerful subconscious mind. There is no surgery and no physical objects placed inside your body. The true power of hypnosis will help you to eat smaller portion sizes and feel full, thus allowing you to lose weight.

Motivation and Energy Health and Lifestyle

Feeling low on motivation and not being able to find the necessary energy or determination to do something, can have a very negative effect on health and lifestyle. Becoming more motivated is about increasing your confidence or self-belief. Sometimes it is about setting bigger or more appropriate goals for yourself or getting more clarity on what you really want to achieve. Sometimes it is simply that you have developed a negative habit and its about breaking into a new positive habit.

Whatever the reason for lack of motivation is, CMT can help give you the keys to feeling more energetic, happier and back in control to enjoy the life you really want.

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