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Robby Summers

A Courageous Life

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Take positive steps towards a brighter future. Find solutions to everyday problems. Develop skills and techniques to grow personally, spiritually, and creatively. Join Robby in a safe and comfortable space as you explore your inner self through sandplay and expressive therapies. Contact Robby to schedule an appointment.

Counsellor for Children and Adults

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Sunshine Coast

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Telehealth Expressive therapies Childhood trauma Child therapy Children's anxiety Children's emotional health

Robby is a certified Sandplay and Expressive Therapist and process worker who is highly skilled, intuitive, and compassionate.

In 2008, she could see the benefits of somatic psychotherapeutic while working   with groups of traumatized and bereaved children using  Expressive Therapies as the modality

As a practitioner of Expressive, Sandplay therapies, process, and dreambody work she saw the value of this approach for both children and adults. 

Through these modalities, clients can develop self-resourcefulness and resilience, and insights into the newness of one's own awareness. 

Through these somatic modalities, a deeper part of the self can be accessed in a non-intrusive way, leading to self-discovery and expanded awareness. 

As a result of her life experiences, Robby has developed intuitiveness with deep empathy and awareness toward others through unconditional acceptance.

In her role as a Sandplay therapist, she offers clients a method to access their creative unconsciousness,  allowing inner feelings, perceptions, and memories in a completely natural way, while the clients brings in their new insights and awareness into everyday life guiding them back to the outer reality in a healthy and peaceful manner.

Robby uses the following methods when working with children and Adults:

  • Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work
  • Visualisation
  • Emotional Release Processing
  • Gestalt Role Play
  • Body Focus
  • Expressive Drawing and Writing
  • Movement

Services Offered

Sandplay Therapy

Sandplay is a creative mode of therapy that helps to bring to the surface the non-verbal issues hidden in our inner selves. 

The therapy is useful for reaching the depths of the psyche and identifying and resolving internal conflicts that manifest as anxiety or depression.

It uses a prescribed sized tray containing sand, water, miniature figurines, symbolic representations, and archetypes that serve as a mirror for individuation. 

Through the symbolic language, the client can access the creative unconscious and inner feelings, perceptions, and memories that will allow them to live in a fulfilling, calm sense of self.

Children, adolescents, and adults can all benefit from this type of therapy.

Expressive Therapy

Until emotions and traumatic situations are resolved, they can affect behaviour, attitude, and happiness. 

An expressive approach to counselling uses the body and emotions as tools for healing. 

The underlying causes of issues are explored using a variety of methods. It provides solutions to clients' problems and offers strategies for dealing with challenges. 

This experiential and holistic approach to learning is empowering, especially for children, as they learn to understand their emotions and develop the ability to self-regulate and solve problems. 

By allowing exploration of non-verbal issues it provides the chance for real and lasting change, rather than just talking about problems.

Dreamwork and process work

Access deeper part of the body's expression guiding the client through imagination and movement brings to the surface what needs to be more know


  • 60-minute session
    • Adults - $120
    • Children - $95
  • 90-minute session
    • Adults - $170
    • Children - $125
Get in touch with Robby to schedule an appointment or to enquire.

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