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AcuNatural Health

Looking for a professional Acupuncture Treatment in the greater Brisbane area? Then look no further than Jane Ma Acupuncture Clinic

Acupuncture Brisbane

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture operates on the basis of an underlying understanding that the body is regulated by qi. This is the bodys energy, which is running throughout body. When a person is healthy, qi is unimbued, however when qi is blocked, stagnant or disrupted the body suffers from illness.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

It is the aim of acupuncture to bring balance to the bodys energy to not only cure or manage illnesses but also to prevent them and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This treatment is effected through acupuncture needles, which are placed on the correct corresponding acupuncture points, to relieve stagnations or blockages and to promote the flow of qi.

Why Try Acupuncture?

A great number of patients seek alternative treatments because they find Western treatments simply cannot deliver the result they desire. Acupuncture can meet these patients needs and afford them a more natural, result with less side effects and permanent relief.

Acupuncture Treatments Available
  • Fertility Treatments
  • Anxiety Treatments
  • PCOS
  • Back Pain
  • Period Pain
  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • General Pain Relief
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Benefits Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments provide noticeable results. The vast majority of patients note that they feel much better after the first treatment and experience a reduction in their symptoms over a short period of time.

Although acupuncture and Chinese medicine is by no means an instant cure, it is a worthwhile treatment to consider, for anyone who has been left behind by the western medical system or is searching for other less clinical methods of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Qualification Details

  • BHs (Acup)
  • AACMA Member 2056
  • CMASA Member 0930
  • ASBRM member 573
  • AHPRA accredited

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