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About Acupuncture Hub

Ryan Llewellyn

Acupuncturist | Doctor of Chinese Medicine | BA Science Acupuncture (AACMA, AHPRA)

Hi, my name is Ryan Llewellyn and I am passionate about providing effective acupuncture treatment using a gentle Japanese style. Acupuncture treatment, in my view should be relaxing and comfortable, with the patient entering into a deeply relaxed state. I use fine gauge needles, Moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, tiger warmer, massage and much more. Treatment time varies from 45min to an hour.

Currently Treating:

  • Aches and pains, Lower back pain, Neck & shoulder pain, Knee and joint pain, Headaches and migraines, Sports Performance
  • Chronic Diseases including depression, diabetes, tinnitus.
  • Immune related conditions such as cold & flu, chronic fatigue, Bahma forest fever, post viral recovery
  • Womens Health including Pregnancy ,Infertility, Hormonal issues, Menopause, Cosmetic acupuncture.
  • Paediatrics. No needles are used on children, I use a special silver childrens tool, gifted to me by a Japanese master in Japan.
  • General health and well-being , Anxiety, stress management, skin conditions.

I also provide dietary advice from a Chinese Medicine point of view.

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Qualification details

Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture)

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