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Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic

Chinese Medicine and Fertiity

Suite 103, Level 1
343 George St
Sydney City NSW 2000

Servicing area: Sydney CBD, Western Suburbs, Westmead, Parramatta, Alexandria, Newtown, Redfern, Eastern suburbs Sydney

Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic
Chinese medicine, Pregnancy and IVF Support

Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic - About

The Acupuncture Pregnancy and IVF Support clinics opened in 2008 in response to demand from IVF patients for appropriate and reliable treatments to support their IVF cycles. We have now seen over 12,000 patients who are either seeking IVF support or are trying to conceive naturally. Many of these return to our clinic after successful treatment for baby number two.

Our experience and our unique protocols have helped many couples achieve their dream, and along the way have helped to improve stress levels, reproductive and general health.

The clinic offers individualised treatment plans using Chinese herbs and acupuncture for couples who are preparing to conceive, or who may be experiencing difficulty conceiving due to known or unexplained factors.
Our treatment plans for preparing to conceive are designed to optimise general wellbeing and reproductive health.

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Qualification Details

University trained and registered practitioners with relevant postgraduate training.

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