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Justine Thorp

Justine Thorp - Acupuncture Therapies

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Justine Thorp started 'Acupuncture Therapies' to share a passion for natural health and commitment to professionalism and patient-centred healthcare.

Justine Thorp - Acupuncture Therapies

Focus areas

Pain management Natural health IVF support Gut Health Motivation Stress management

About Justine Thorp

With extensive experience in different acupuncture styles and diagnostic tools, a commitment to better models of healthcare, access to a network of similar minded professionals, skills from the corporate world, life experience and with the motivation to be involved, I firmly believe that I am specially placed to see, hear, and understand your healthcare requirements.

I have an interest in a number of general healthcare treatments and acupuncture specialities, including the crucial areas of stress management, pain management, digestive complaints, anxiety, sleep complaints, IVF support and natural fertility, pregnancy related care and the treatment of children.

My passion and my commitment to continuing professional development ensures I am at the cutting edge of new knowledge and research.

Recent Experience

  • Working and teaching at the esteemed Endeavour College of Natural Health – Bachelor of Health Science Acupuncture.

  • Working on professional development concentrated on the tranquil modality of Japanese acupuncture, stress management, pain management, fertility, gut health, the treatment of children, and pregnancy support.

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