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Member since 2006

Adela Cholenska

Adela Cholenska
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The way we eat predetermines our health in all bodily systems - including sleep, mood, allergies...

Adela Cholenska

Welcome to Adela Cholenska Therapies

The way we eat predetermines our health in all bodily systems - including sleep, mood, allergies...

About Adela

I studied Masters in Sports Science majoring in Biology and Physical Education in Prague, Czech Republic.

Then I thought that I know almost everything about the body in relation to exercising, rehabilitation and movement and that I would do well to know a bit more about Nutrition Science and Massage Therapy. So I decided to study a Diploma of Massage Therapies here in Sydney and then followed by a Diploma of Nutrition.

What I do

Holistic Nutrition

My approach to nutrition is global considering all aspects of your living together with your eating habits. The way we eat predetermines our health in all bodily systems, including sleep, mood, allergies...

I work with clients as an individual, considering blood type and traditional ways of eating using the most fresh, unprocessed and if possible organic foods.

Holistic Nutrition for babies and young children

I think my special interest goes to weaning food for babies, as I can see many young children battling allergies from very early ages.

I understand that information about what to give to baby and when might be very confusing as many opinions are there and they are usually quite opposite! Mums are very often mixed up and don’t know what and to whom to believe. Then other thing is if baby or small child is fussy eater and the entire problem starts..... I can really help you with that! I am mum myself and nobody believes that my children (3 years) prefer veggies, cheese, meat and other yummy food than sweets and other junk foods for babies.

Exercise Therapy

I can help you if you are recovering from an injury or just want to gain some fitness or lose a bit (or a lot!) of weight.

My background is in alpine skiing, gymnastic, athletics, volleyball and swimming. I exercise with clients at their home, outdoor or in my studio, up to you.

Massage Therapy

As a last bit I can offer:

  • corrective massage therapy using vast range of technique (myofascal release, active release, trigger points, Swedish massage)

  • relaxation massage

  • pregnancy massage
I am registered with most health funds.

Looking forward to helping you to achieve your goal! See you soon!


Qualification details

Adela Cholenska

MSc (PE, Bio), DRM
Sport scientist
Diploma of Nutrition

I have extensive knowledge in the human body, where I can help people to fulfil their full potentials in their lives: getting rid of pain, achieving goals about their dream body, and being happy.

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