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A little bit about me and my colonic business

Hi, I'm Mania Siapin and 2004 my life turned upside down. An event that caused trauma to my children and myself.

This event totally changed my life. My was under stress. Given the right environment the body has amazing ability heal, my environmnet was not ideal and I was experiencing severe constipation.

This was the catalyst for me to open my own business as a Colonic Therapist. I wanted to help people who were struggling with consitpation and wanting to detox. My clinic was born!

About Me

Mania Siapin
Practising Technicion

Mania started colonic therapies 14 years ago working in a busy naturopathic clinic in Glenelg. Since then Mania has helped many people with their gut troubles. This modality works so well in conjunction with other practices. I get many referrals from Naturopaths to work with the clients to achieve better health. Some folks would just like some help with their detox program and a colonic is just the thing you need. Colonic therapy just makes you feel so good on the inside. This is a great therapy for folks that have irritable bowel syndrome and celiacs. If you have chronic constipation and need some relief this is a gentle and effective way to do that.

Did you know that your emotional health may impact your gut health? As well as other areas of your body? Often when clients have their bowels flushed out they may have an emotional release, this is all beneficial for you the client.

If you have a more serious chronic condition please see a naturopath or integrative medical doctor for a referral as there are some contraindications for colonic therapy.

Mania is an active member of the I-ACT International Association of Colonic Therapies

Disclaimer: Mania in no way diagnoses or treats specific illnesses, this therapy is a well-being therapy. The client takes responsibility for their decision to use colonic therapy.

Adelaide Colonics & Echo of the Soul Emotional Wellbeing