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Hi, my name is Mania Siapin and I am an emotional wellness facilitator.

Having been a Colonic Therapist for over 10 years, seeing hundreds of clients, I noticed how much emotional energy was being stored in peoples bodies. I know this was happening in my own body too and I began searching for a way to help and heal this in myself. Now I bring this to you.

Echo of the Soul Emotional Wellbeing

Mania Siapin

Mania has been practising Energy Healing since 2018. In her desire to know and understand her own emotional health she decided to study kinesiology 14 years ago and was intrigued by the emotional health side of the modality. Not until 2018 did Mania devote her time to learning more about emotional health and make the change to work energetically.

Mania started with the Emotion Code and then added Forensic healing practices.

  • Sound healing and light language
  • Tuning fork
  • Crystals
  • Energy cards
  • Hands-on healing

Energy healing may help with:

  • Relationship issues
  • Self-love
  • Self-worth
  • Abundance
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Past life trauma
  • Childhood trauma
  • Soul healing

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Adelaide Colonics & Echo of the Soul Emotional Wellbeing