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Adelaide Coast Calmbirth

Kaye Duncan

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The Calmbirth® course is a unique childbirth education program that empowers women and their partners to experience the best birth for them.

It is evidence based.
It is Australian.
It is safe.

Adelaide Coast Calmbirth

Calmbirth®...what is it?

It is not about how to birth, it's about helping couples create their own positive birth experience, no matter how it unfolds.​

Through Calmbirth® you will gain a greater understanding of the physiology of labour and birth, The workshops also explore the significance of the mind-body connection and how our bodies (and unborn babies) respond to our emotions and thoughts.

Calmbirth® helps you reframe your beliefs, allowing you to think only positively about birth.​

It is well known that fear, anxiety and tension can inhibit labour and birth.

Calmbirth®...who is it for?

Calmbirth® is suitable for everyone.​

Those about to experience their first births, as well as those who have had babies before.

Those who desire a different experience ...

For those who wish to enjoy their pregnancies and birth with confidence.

Calmbirth® is also of great benefit for those who know their baby will be born by caesarean.

Your Calmbirth® educator

is not
just my profession ...

it's my passion.

I love being a midwife.

I have cared for women, their babies and their families for 25 years in South Australia and Victoria.

I work in one of Adelaide's largest tertiary hospitals, caring for mothers with straightforward pregnancies as well as those whose pregnancies are complicated by maternal and/or fetal conditions.

My aim is to make a difference, to help you make the most of this wonderful, life-changing experience.

Contact me today for more information.

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