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FILM PREMIERE: CONSCIOUS LIGHT  https://consciouslightfilm.com/screenings/

Adidam Australia

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Conscious Light offers a penetrating glimpse into the remarkable life and enlightened teachings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj and his work to establish a way of ultimate spiritual realization for everyone. It draws on extensive archival film, photography, and audio recordings, as well as interviews with students who lived with Avatar Adi Da and continue to practice the way that he revealed.

The film also captures candid, often humorous, and spiritually profound exchanges between Avatar Adi Da and his students over the course of more than three decades, including transcendent moments of sublime silence and spiritual transmission. Viewers are drawn into a deeply intimate experience of Avatar Adi Da’s living spiritual presence.


Something entirely new is required—something comprehensively right. My entire life has been spent in working to establish the basis for a new and comprehensive culture. My lifetime of work has always been about rightening of human existence, and the transcending of what is binding human beings and leading them on a destructive course. What is now required is an epochal change in the history of human endeavor. A transformation of human understanding and of human processes altogether must occur.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008) devoted his entire lifetime to revealing and establishing a unique means for human beings to discover the ultimate nature of reality itself, which he describes as Conscious Light, or the “Bright”.  Avatar Adi Da communicated this reality not just through words or philosophy, but through his direct spiritual transmission. Avatar Adi Da’s enlightened condition and transformative influence are very much alive, even after His physical passing.

During his lifetime, Avatar Adi Da touched and transformed the lives of many thousands of secular and religious seekers, founding a new sacred tradition for those who respond most seriously to His spiritual calling. Coincident with his work with spiritual aspirants, Avatar Adi Da established a new basis for human culture in a world fractured by conflict and strife.

Avatar Adi Da authored more than seventy books of spiritual, philosophical, social, and practical wisdom. This vast body of teachings clarifies every area of human life and provides a unique understanding of the human condition and the great process of spiritual growth and realization. His writings have been acclaimed by Alan Watts, Irina Tweedie, Jeffrey Kripal, Andrew Harvey, and many others as the most profound teachings of our times. His book Easy Death was called a “masterpiece” by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, noted author and pioneer researcher on death and dying.

Avatar Adi Da’s life was a living demonstration of the Conscious Light that is reality itself. His communications of truth and beauty are profoundly relevant to people of all cultures, faiths, and traditions. He has fully established a new blueprint for human growth and for the spiritual transformation of all beings.

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