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Jenny van Holst Pellekaan

Alexis Earth Healing

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Jenny is passionate about health, with over 30 years experience as a Registered Nurse and Naturopath in Burpengary, Queensland. Physical and Metaphysically Intuitively guided, lookiing at our amazing bodys in all fields, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and astral.

Alexis Earth Healing

Servicing area

Burpengary and local areas. Queensland

Focus areas

Reading Vibrational medicine Energy Wellness Lifestyle Medications

Jen's fascinaton for human health has allowed her to dive deep into our pathways to healing through her holistic approach, by allowing all aspects of  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual to be considered.

She has developed an intuitive approach with science background to investigate what is required to assist you on your journey to wellness.

She offers health analysis through iridology, herbal medicine, whole food choices and vibrational treatment, with energetic healing as her specialty.

She is professionally educated as a nurse and naturopath. But since a little girl has been enthralled by the concept we are more than our bodies. Jenny has searched the spiritual domain for answers.

This is where we are now, looking for the answers that the medical industry has failed to see.

I hope to help you, see.

The light in you is stronger than fear. It is time to shine fearless and bright.
We are all apart of life's tapestry.
We choose what to eat, think and act, which ripples throughout our bodies and set into motion healing or illness. Our health is in our hands, we have to look at all levels of our existence, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to find the answers we seek for good health.


Naturopathic consultations are, 1 to 1 1/2 hours (all bells and whistles) is $110.

Gathering of information about you, iridology assessment and dispensary Herbal items, handouts. (Dispensary items additional cost) I will order in what is required and set up a perscription with relevant Naturpathic companys like Integria, Metegenics.

All aspects will be taken into account with your assessment, such as: Medical History, Medications, Dietary, Lifestyle, Emotional and Mental wellbeing, Social Environment. 

Depending on your needs, I will be utilizing a few modalities to help treat you, including

  • Dietary, correct food choices
  • Specific health information and handouts
  • Herbal medicine, liquid extracts, tablet or tea based
  • Vibrational medicines, bush flowers or liquid crystals
  • Iridology
  • Practitioner supplementation, Integria, Osborne, Metegenics, setting up an persciption with them.
  • Skin lotions hand made for conditions like eczema.


 Just Iridology $40. (30min)

 Bush Flower Essence or the Liquid Crystals $40. Includes reading and essence.

 Reiki with selenite swords, sound+light language healing.                                           

 Psychic reading and connection of higher self messages. 1hour $80.

Read more on my page or look me up at for more information.                         

Truely an amazing experience, that will cleanse, clear and release held unwanted energys.