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We here at Affordable Healing Hands provide a range of professional Pregnancy & Baby Massage services. Give us a call today to organise your next appointment.
Mobile Service with clinic base in Kuraby

Affordable Healing Hands - Pregnancy & Baby Massage


Throughout the year you can obtain a Gift voucher for a Loved One or arrange a Special Couples Massage for a special price or a group booking for a Birthday or Hens party.
(10% discount for bookings greater than 4hrs)


Mother care massage involves the use of Swedish massage to help the pregnant lady to relax and gain control of her current state. It is aimed at reducing the aches and pains that she experiences as her pregnancy advances, and gives her back control of how she wishes to feel, with the ability to enjoy her pregnant condition.

It may be considered as a return to the natural way of child birth free largely of the need for drugs. It ensures that the mother is relaxed and stress free, flexible but still has toned muscles, and the healthy. Massage also helps to reduce the effects of stretch marks after you child is born, enabling you a quicker return to normal life.

To enhance this, other massage modalities (see the tabs on the left) can also be used along with essential oils.

The mother to be is also instructed on how she can better care for her body through self massage and exercise, and how to prepare herself for the birth of her child. She will be provided with self massage sheet for her shoulders, breasts, legs and feet.

This is all done in conjunction with and the approval by your own medical practitioner to ensure the absolute best for both herself and her child.


It has been shown through medical research that baby massage makes them grow faster, and helps them to sleep better. If it is done on a regular daily basis, they will be healthier and happier babies.

Baby massage involves a moderate level of pressure to caress their skin in a stroking pattern over their whole body. This process also enhances the bonds that are developed between baby and parent as massage stimulates the release of endorphins which produce a feeling of well being and act a natural opiates reducing pain.

It also reduces muscle tension, accelerates the natural development of the skeletal system and improves the functioning of the immune and autonomic nervous systems.

Massage improves the function of a babys brain, heart and liver through enhanced circulation and flow of blood. It strengthens gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts enhancing the assimilation of nutrients and lessens symptoms of gas and colic.

If your baby is relaxed and sleeping, then so will you.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

Qualification details

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Diploma of Mothercare and Baby Massage
  • Diploma of Pregnancy Massage
  • Diploma Of Bowen Therapy

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