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Agi Mooy Hypnotherapy

Agi Mooy Hypnotherapy

Scone NSW 2337

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Want to break old habits and form new ones in order to live your best life? Perhaps you can visualise your Future Self and would like to step right in? Talk to Agi today to learn how hypnotherapy and other holistic approaches, such as NLP, can assist you in breaking bad habits like smoking and unhealthy eating patterns, Anxiety and Phobias to name a few.

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Finding Agi Mooy Hypnotherapy means that your heart is ready to break bad habits and start living your best life. Agi has been helping men and women in Scone, New South Wales, who are stuck in their limiting beliefs to achieve a healthy mindset and lifestyle in order to become the best and healthiest version of themselves.

Agi employs advanced hypnosis and NLP techniques to address a critical component that no common diet or smoking plan addresses: the mind.

Our minds operate on two levels: conscious and unconscious. With our conscious mind, we make decisions, think and act. Our habits, both desired and unwanted, are controlled by the unconscious mind. While it's in the relaxed state known as hypnosis, we can communicate directly with the unconscious part of the mind. This is why it is so simple and quick to change lifetime habits through hypnotherapy.

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Agi Mooy assists people in breaking free from their limiting beliefs and becoming the best and healthiest versions of themselves by promoting a healthy, active mindset and lifestyle.

She believes your dream was placed in your heart for a reason. To succeed, you must become obsessed with your vision, and she is here to hold your hand and provide support when things get tough.

Agi is no stranger to success. She invested energy, time and money in herself in order to better serve those who are as broken as she once was.

She has developed different skills and knowledge over the years to assist you in developing life-changing habits and achieving success.


How does hypnotherapy reverse bad habits?

Our habits can get out of hand and feel as if they are working against us at times. Quitting smoking and losing weight are two of the most difficult habits to break. Both are difficult to achieve and have low success rates.

Hypnotherapy is a noninvasive technique for accessing your subconscious mind and changing these negative patterns. It's a safe, natural and clinically proven solution for changing your life and becoming the best version of yourself.

Agi's Hypnotherapy Programs
Quit Smoking

If you've been struggling to quit smoking, hypnotherapy may be the answer.

You can avoid all of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with quitting smoking by using advanced hypnosis and NLP strategies.

Agi's Quit Smoking program offers the following benefits:

  • Improved health
  • Higher energy levels
  • Enhanced fitness and vitality
  • More money to spend on more enjoyable activities
  • A wonderful sense of achievement
  • Enhanced sense of smell and taste
  • Peace of mind
Permanent Weight Management

Nobody wants to be obsessed with their weight all the time. We all want to feel and look slim, fit, healthy and happy. So, why do people continue to struggle and remain overweight despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of diet plans available?

We have no conscious control over the patterns and habits that have developed around eating. You will never be able to achieve and maintain your desired weight unless you successfully address your hidden personal reasons for being overweight.

Agi can help you access and reprogram those subconscious processes, patterns, triggers and habits that keep you overweight through hypnosis, while instilling new, healthy patterns that will result in permanent and lasting change.

This program is a complete, personalised system for rewiring your brain to break old habits and switch to new healthy habits. It's tailored specifically for you, eliminating any potential failure factors before they occur. The Weight Management program engages both your mind and your body. It is an entirely integrated system.

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"From Trauma to Powerful and Confidence is exactly what my outcome was after my session with Agi.
Her soft gentle voice guiding me to explore my emotions and releasing negative emotions, feelings.
Reminising my happy feelings and bringing them back to power.
Filling me with belief and confidence left me feeling on top of the world.
I can't thank Agi enough, her detail is spot on.
I can't wait for TLT.
Thank you Agi xx" - Sandi Routley


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  • Certified With Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • Registered Hypnotherapist With American Board of Hypnotherapy

Professional Membership

  • The American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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