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A Healing Bridge


Alphington VIC 3078

Servicing area: Melbourne, Victoria (in-person) & Remotely (Online via Zoom)

Focus area: Career and Vocational Planning Conflict Resolution Depression ...

We are Alyona & Alexandre, a married couple and the voices behind A Healing Bridge. We're holistic therapists and facilitators who offer experiential therapies for seekers and sensitive individuals who are yearning to go deeper on their path of psychospiritual healing and development. It is an honour to offer our services, and to share our hearts with you, at this period of global awakening. 

Holistic Psychotherapy Services

Transform Trauma & Remember Who You Are

Our Approach to Healing

Our style of therapy is body-oriented, soul-centered, and trauma-sensitive. Our approach to healing is dynamic and integrative, drawing on influences from our apprenticeship and personal experiences with Holotropic Breathwork™, our intensive in Vegetalismo in Peru, and our two-year post-graduate study in Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, rooted in Process-Oriented Psychology (also known as Process Work) through the Metavision Institute in Bowral, Australia. 

In a Holistic Psychotherapy session, we may explore what's emerging in your process through: talk-therapy, role-play, dream-work, eco-therapy, drawing & art, meditation & visualization, somatic (body-based) tracking, movement & bodywork.

We can support you to

❃ Transform trauma and retrieve a sense of embodiment and empowerment in your life

❃ Slow down and listen to the subtle guidance of your body, intuition and dreams

❃ Learn the emotional skills to be able to kindly welcome home the abandoned aspects of yourself, and develop the capacity to face the challenges of life with more presence and trust

❃ Cultivate deeper vitality, connection, and meaning in your life 

❃ Develop and strengthen your relationship with the Earth, Nature and The Mystery

❃ Discover the hidden treasures in your wounds and unearth the power and wisdom behind difficult experiences

❃ Integrate your spiritual experiences into daily life

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