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A Healing Presence

Julia Styles
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Spiritual Healing with the Masters

Removing Resistance to Love’s Presence

A Healing Presence

Welcome, I’m Julia from A Healing Presence

A Healing Presence was created to assist with the transformation and empowerment of humanity through healing, forgiveness and the ability to access higher information (Truth). A Healing Presence offers everyone an opportunity to release the suffering mindset that has been preventing awakening, for eons.

A Healing Presence - Specialities:
  • Past Life Healing with the Akashic Masters
    (All absent sessions include a detailed, emailed report)
  • Forgiveness Mentor
  • Theta Healing
  • Absent/Distant Healing
    (available only for Past Life, Theta & Reiki)

One-on-one, phone & Skype & Absent/Distant Healing available

Gift Vouchers Available

Distance often prevents us from helping an ill or distressed loved one far away? As well as the worry it causes, this situation can overwhelm us with feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and frustration. However you can assist anyone, anywhere in the world now with an absent Theta or Reiki Healing Session.

Healing Gift vouchers available for all celebrations - Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, or just because you love someone!

About Spiritual Healing & Healers

Spiritual Healing works with the small mind, which created the thought of separation, sickness, suffering, guilt etc. It seeks out and addresses the cause and effect of this thought; its projected imprints, which have seemingly and destructively cascaded across the universes of time and space.

Spiritual Healers have insights into our other scripted planes of existence and the multi aspected selves that are experiencing them. They may be able to connect with past life scripts, karma imprints, those who have passed, Angelics & Masters etc. In other words they can tap into the overview of the, otherwise invisible energies. They may be able to do all of this or they may specialize. They are requesting light, healing and correct perception to be brought to the dark areas of the mind that have forgotten Truth; and so it is done. They work with Spirit, as the conduit, holding the space between the mass- conscious, collective, dreaming mind and the Mind of God. They observe, as the scripts/veils that appear to be draped across Creation, obscuring God’s Presence, dissolve.

A Few Ways Spiritual Healing Can Be of Assistance:
  • Un-weaving ancient, unhealthy attachments to old relationship patterns and people
  • Dissolving patterns of separateness that cause sickness
  • Dissolving outmoded and destructive belief systems
  • Clearing negative entities, imprints, thoughts and energies, personally and environmentally
  • Lifting depression & correcting Serotonin and Dopamine Levels
  • Correcting and upgrading our DNA
  • Clearing past lives and all their agenda, contracts and debris that may still be active and bleeding into this life
  • Clearing the ancient un-forgiveness that keeps us looping/re-dreaming/ reincarnating back into lives of suffering
  • Assisting the transition from self-hate to self-love
  • Answering your long awaited questions
  • Discovering our untapped gifts and purpose
  • Opening the psyche to its endless and unrestricted possibilities
  • Assisting you to see beyond the physical realms
  • Allowing remembrance and peace to re-emerge in the mind
  • Opening our Chakra System and reconnecting with our Whole energy system
  • Allowing the space for awakening or empowerment to occur
  • And more…

About Absent/Distant Healing

After healing, teaching and using many hands and absent healing techniques for many years, my journey has become more focused in absent healing (although not exclusively). I love being able to send energy to anyone - anywhere. Also, for me, it seems to be much more powerful when the body and its resistances do not appear to be present. It has been proven that energy becomes stronger with distance. In the years I have been working with absent healing I have witnessed some amazing healings and corrections. I often hear the Creator's information for that person and see them in a variety of forms; some I could not describe at all! Trust in God is all I need, and this just deepens with every healing. I use absent healing extensively for Theta, Reiki and Past Lives

About Me:

Qualifications and Experience

I am Julia Styles the owner and Co-creator with Spirit, of A Healing Presence.

Master Teacher of Metaphysics, Spiritual & Forgiveness Mentor, Reiki Master (Retired)/Reiki Healer/Author of ‘Insights for Reiki Masters.’ (Now out of print – hopefully soon to be available as an eBook) Theta Practitioner - Level 11, Past Life Therapist with the Akashic Masters, ACIM Student, Published Writer, Spiritual/Whimsy Painter & Sculptor. I have over 40 years experience working with Spirit who have guided me to facilitate workshops, meditation groups, one-on-one and absent healing.

Born into a Spiritually gifted family meant that I was able to work with Spirit and learn and discern about the energies, at a very early age. Since then I have embarked on, played with and experienced a multitude of different modalities, which I have love and still love, to share in some way. Now at 63 I still feel the need to extend Truth through healing, forgiveness, writing and art.

My job is to simply be the asker and the witness to so many profound healings and insights via our beautiful Creator and the Akashic Masters; what I see and experience is often so beautifully breathtaking that it is impossible to explain.

Forgiveness is always at the heart of my work because when it is facilitated through Spirit, it releases the key to the end of our own and the world’s suffering. Consequently it runs through all of my work and life, including my writing and art.

I have a passion for Absent /Distant Healing, in all its forms, because it can reach anyone, anywhere and is very powerful as it gets the ‘resistant body’ out of the way. As well as helping the recipient it also gives great relief to any of their loved ones far away who would otherwise feel quite helpless.

Be the Love you Are

What Some Clients Have Said:
Julia Styles is a gift to humanity, a beacon of light and compassion in a world that sometimes seems a little too dark. In times of trouble, I can still hear her pearls of wisdom echo through my head, gently urging me away from the edge of despair with loving kindness and generosity of spirit. If ever you are offered the chance for healing from her….TAKE IT, take it with both hands and KNOW that ‘someone up there’ is watching out for you, for indeed you have been sent an Angel! “

Independent Reiki Master,
Michael Thackray

What an amazingly beautiful healer you are Julia. I am so grateful for all the assistance you have given to me and my family over the last 12 months with your Theta healings and past life healings – amazing. I have seen some major shifts occur in myself and my family members and am truly grateful to have found you in this life time. You always work with such warmth and compassion and I feel as safe as a baby cradled in arms when doing clearing work with you.

Love and light
Natalie xx

Hi Julia
Oh wow! And I mean wow!! When I read your email, such strong feelings came pouring out. I literally broke down sobbing. A snotty faced release. It was so beautiful; a flood of emotion and memories. At one point I was crying and caught myself thinking ‘oh how I miss that life’. It was beautifully strange. Thank you for the reconnection and release. It has been an incredibly long time since I have felt such strong emotion. Thank you so much for the detailed report. It was so interesting and relevant to different feelings/quirks I get from time to time and wondered why on earth I feel/react that way. I am feeling good and as much as I want to type to respond more in-depth my mind wants to remain peaceful and free. I really appreciate all that you have done and look forward to more.

lots of love to you
Kylie Fields

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