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Do you suffer from obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, menopause, skin condition, anxiety, depression, or insomnia? Become that glowing person who not only looks healthy but also feels it. A Healthy View can provide you with natural nutritional advice and a simple action plan. Contact them today!

A Healthy View

Focus areas

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A Healthy View is a team of wellness practitioners with nutrition and health coaching qualifications.

They all have experience in working in corporate settings, have grown up in busy families, and know-how to meet the needs of parents, children, and busy executives. 

They are both evidence-based authors and presenters, and their clinical experience keeps them at the frontier of how nutrition can prevent and treat disease.

The team offers a range of lifestyle and nutrition programs suited for families, individuals and businesses.

Services Offered


The 28-online programs comprise:

  • Easy, tasty, and nutritious meal plans delivered to your inbox every week.
  • Bite-sized educational videos each week to guide you through your healthy transformation.
  • 5-minute reading of your daily nutritional advice 
  • Receive email support and guidance from your personal nutritionist
  • Access to a supportive community with families like yours. 
  • Exclusive access to Low Sugar Lifestyle recipes, selected and approved by a qualified nutritionist.
Low Sugar Lifestyle

This is a 28-day online program for a lower sugar intake. Low sugar, not no sugar, designed by a qualified nutritionist for the busy family. 

In this program, you can expect: 

  • No extremes of quitting sugar or following a Paleo diet
  • Recipes you can make with supermarket ingredients
  • Meal plans and nutrition advice from a nutritionist and mother
  • Fresh, real food and personalised support
  • A better mental, physical, and emotional state for your family.
Fertility and Pregnancy Lifestyle 

Specifically designed for pregnant and trying to conceive women, this program includes recipes that are: 

  • No-fuss, nutritious, and family-friendly, suitable for all ages and tastes.
  • Developed by qualified nutritionists, cooks and chefs 
  • Flexible enough to provide vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.
  • Made with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.
  • Easy to follow, with most recipes taking less than 20 minutes to prepare.
  • Ideal for lunchboxes and freezers so you can eat twice as much.
Wholefood Cooking Classes

This is a cooking class that combines whole foods with nutritional information. It is like getting a nutritional consultation while eating and enjoying whole foods. 

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to make delicious, whole-food dishes that will help you feel your best physically, mentally, and emotionally.

You will not only learn how to make a nutritious meal, but why these ingredients are crucial for our mood, hormones, vitality and sex appeal as well.

Eating this way provides several benefits, including reduced sugar cravings, improved behavioural issues, weight loss, hormone regulation, and natural weight loss.

Personal Nutrition and Consultation

Founded on solid nutrition information, freedom of choice and self-compassion, this personal nutrition program includes:

  • 1 x initial 80-minute consultation 
  • 2 x 45-minute follow-up consultations within 1 year of purchase.
  • All your nutritional needs, personalised nutrition plan, recipes, ideas, and ongoing body composition analysis.
  • Email support
Cleanse and Nourish

Detox safely and make some nutritional changes while you work, live, and run a busy life all from the comfort of your own home.

In this 4-week program, you will:

  • Be supported and guided as you undergo a cleansing experience in a group workshop
  • Have unlimited access to nutritional advice and daily email support.
  • Get all the materials and information you need, including information on food combinations, to follow a cleanse and detox plan
  • Learn how to plan your meals to optimise your and your family’s health 
  • Opportunity to use the clinic's specialised bio-impedance scales to measure your weight, bone density, fat percentage, muscle mass, and cellular hydration every week.
If you want to know what program is right for you, contact the team today by email or by phone!


  • Advanced Diploma In Nutritional Medicine
  • Certified Nutrition And Health Counsellor
  • Degree In Nutritional And Dietetic Medicine
  • Certificate In Paediatric Nutrition

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