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Are you still suffering different kinds of pain? Stressed, depressed? Are you taking huge amount of medication or chemicals to suppress your disease for years? It’s the time for you to listen to your body, and get your life back!

Adelaide Integrative Acupuncture - About Us

Please walk into Adelaide Integrative Acupuncture, meet our highly qualified acupuncturist Yiyu (Catherine) Chen, and try the treatments from ancient China which has been applied for thousdands of years.

YIYU (Catherine) Chen  is our fully registered acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine practitioner, massage therapist, and lecturer of Endeavour College of Natural Health. She studied Chinese medicine for ten years (PHD) in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, which is the best university of Chinese medicine in China and around the world. With 10 years experience and long time academic and professional training, she is very good at treating different kinds of disease, especially pain, depression, gynecological problems, stroke, hypertension, obesity, etc,..She is a very nice, honest, reliable and kind person, and will always support you with professional and best treatment in her field.  Please do not hesitate to contact her if you want to consult her about anything related to your health.

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