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Ainslie Hypnotherapy Centre

Patricia Lucock
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Ainslie Hypnotherapy Centre

About Us
Welcome to my web site; my name is Patricia Lucock and I am a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist, I work from my home in Canberra in the quiet leafy suburb of Ainslie; here you will find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in which to experience the Ericksonian method of hypnosis.

This style of trance work is compelling and powerful especially as I also incorporate interesting NLP techniques to leverage the awesome effect of your unconscious mind.

Neuro Linguistic Programming puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life; some people refer to it as ‘waking hypnosis’ as it allows you to literally CHANGE YOUR MIND or for some who tend towards procrastination to MAKE UP YOUR MIND. Sounds good doesn’t it! And it is.

Hypnosis Sessions Canberra

I see clients at my home in AINSLIE here in Canberra; it’s a beautiful old part of our modern town; the part close to Civic. My street skirts around the base of Mt Ainslie and is very long and tree-lined which makes it lovely in Spring and Autumn as well as cool and shady in our hot summers. So much of what we HAVE rather than what we have not seems almost invisible when our lives become busy and stress takes its inevitable toll on our ability to enjoy the simple things in life.

There are always opportunities to experience calm; even in the busiest of lives. Many people come to see me simply to learn to relax and accept themselves; to take the time to understand how to make the best of what they have rather than hankering for what they think they need. We get caught up on advertising unreality; in what others value and can loose sight of what we really want; being content within yourself does not mean accepting second best; it does not mean giving up and vegitating; it is a means to true happiness.

Contentment seems to have gone out of fashion; perhaps it does not sell new cars or flashy holidays; it is a beautiful state of acceptance and the first stage of really loving yourself and accepting the good and bad within yourself. Once you see what is of value in your life; it becomes easier to see clearly what needs to be changed to improve and allow you real happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes taking a couple of hours out of your hectic day seems impossible. If that’s the case why not experience the benefit your can gain from using one of my MP3 hypnotic recordings. I have recorded a sample introduction on my Home Page so that visitors can hear my voice and see if they like it; if it suits them.

This gives you an immediate opportunity to decide whether I can help you; one of my MP3′s is titled SUIT YOURSELF it’s one of my favorites; it is not about ego; it’s about valuing your uniquness and being able to create an environment in which to grow and prosper.

Each Hypnotic Recording is based on the flexible Ericksonian Hypnotherapy style that has been taken on and modified in many countries to help so many people from very different backgrounds. Each recording runs for around 20 mins. You can purchase them as Daytime sessions to listen to during a break or first thing in the morning to get your going; this can help with areas like Motivation or Anxiety Reduction. Or you can buy a Night-time version to help you relax and sleep deeply; doing all your mental work as you sleep and regenerate; able to wake feeling so much more refreshed and energetic; or buy both for a small additional charge.

I have priced these recording to make them very affordable; I want you all to be able to experience the very real and effective power of HYPNOSIS; so if you cannot avail yourself of an actual face to face hypnotherapy session here in Canberra, why not try one of these recordings; experience the difference it can make in your life. Then you can decide for yourself whether to invest a few hours taking that experience a step further and give yourself a real treat, some of my clients say its more relaxing than a massage, I say it’s massaging your mind! Come and see me or another good practitioner; and see what we can do by working together.

If a session sounds like what you need give me a call on 02/62498002 or my mobil 0405325235 I look forward to hearing from you.

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