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Alchemy's Secrets

Leesa Beauclaire
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I am a healer who is very passionate about my work and committed to helping people like you to be the very best versions of their selves.

Alchemy's Secrets.Energy Healer

A little about me

I have been dedicated to my own healing and personal growth for the last 15 years, supporting others along the way through teaching, healing and meditation.

I studied for 3 years at a college of Metaphysics. I also taught Spiritual healing for a year and I was a clinic supervisor for the student clinic.

From a young age my psychic and intuitive abilities had been shut down due to childhood trauma and being misunderstood. With self-love, self-healing and self-realisation these abilities came back to me naturally and have now allowed me to be a dedicated healer.

Why have a healing?

Life is full of changes, challenges, and growth. Sometimes we need a little help (or a lot) navigating our way through these changes and challenges to ensure we do indeed learn and grow from our experiences.

Some of you reading this may be just ‘looking’ for something spiritual, a prompting from your soul perhaps to try something different from conventional therapies.

Some of you may be grieving.

Grieving the loss of a loved one, or loss of a relationship.

Some of you may have mental health issues, or health issues.

Some of you may be healers yourself and need a little support and nurturing…

Whatever your reasons are for seeking out a healer, I ask that you trust your intuition, trust your gut feelings when it comes to choosing the right one for you. Whether you realise it or not your higher self is guiding you to the right healer. I know this because that is how I started my own journey toward healing and self-realisation.

What we think, feel, believe and how we ‘respond’ in life shapes us and creates our reality. I can assist you in re claiming your personal power enabling you to become a conscious creator of your own life.

I can support and guide you in becoming aware of any limiting beliefs and programs (that which lies hidden in the subconscious), that may be holding you back from living an authentic life. Through accessing your higher self, you will start to align with your true self.

I can assist you in aligning with your true self, your higher self and reconnection with your soul.

This is what brings about healing, the alignment with ones true self.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, which provides a natural way of restoring balance and harmony within an individual.

Energy Healing complements and supports other methods of healing because it addresses the energy of which the body, mind and emotions are composed. This ‘energy’, or rather life force energy, is that which links the holistic concept of mind, body and soul.

Energy healing supports balances and harmonizes the connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

How does Energy Healing work?

Energy healing differs from the conventional medical approach of treating symptoms by going straight to the root of the problem .The healing will always go to where it is needed and, being holistic, will work at whatever level is required, whether that be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Unresolved emotional issues, stress, trauma and negative thought patterns can be stored in an individuals energy system. This can create blockages that restrict the flow of vital ‘life force energy’. These ‘blockages’ can cause stress,

depression and addiction and can eventually lead to illness and dis-ease.

An energy healer knows the connection between the physical and subtle energy systems (the aura, chakras, nadis and meridians) of the body. These energy systems are energetically connected to the physical organs and glands. By working with these systems a healer can access all levels of the mind, body and spirit and achieve a holistic healing.

In your healing session

You are unique, so I tailor each session to your specific needs, desires and current circumstances.

Healing sessions can range from ‘simple’ relaxing sessions to deeper inner transformational work.

I generally use a combination of counselling, intuition, energy healing, crystal healing, and sound healing with crystal bowls.

Your initial Healing session will be one and a half hours in duration. You will either sit or lay down fully clothed on the healing table under my pyramid.

After your initial session I will direct you in how many following sessions you may require, please keep in mind that effective and lasting healing will usually require at least one follow-up session. That is part of my commitment to your healing process.

In a session I can work under your directive, or you can just allow yourself to be open and receptive. This will enable me to work with your higher self to bring through what is most appropriate for you at this time.

My treatments are safe, gentle, calming and very nurturing. I will provide you with a sacred, safe space to access deep levels of healing. Energy healing can be subtle, but life changing! In some circumstances powerful emotions can be released, you may experience a emotional response to this happening, some people may cry, some may giggle regardless I am with you guiding and supporting you through every moment.

Some changes my clients have experienced

Many of my clients have reported rapid changes in their lives. Feeling empowered as they learn new ways of dealing with life’s adversity and day-to-day stresses. They have reported improvements in their overall wellbeing, happiness and experiencing more love, appreciation and flow in relationships These clients are learning to take personal responsibility for their thoughts and emotions, clearing old beliefs and patterns of behavior.

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