Alessia Kernot - Hypnotherapist

Dee Why Natural Health & Healing
Suite 17B, 818 Pittwater rd
Dee Why NSW 2099

Servicing area: Dee Why, New South Wales

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I can help you to feel better. Promote healing. Stop unwanted habits. Overcome problems. Manage stress and anxiety. Take back control of your life.

Alessia Kernot - Hypnotherapist

About Me

Hi, my name is Alessia Kernot, I work as a psychophysical therapist and hypnotherapist in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I am able to help you in restoring control over your life – whether it be from anxiety, fear, poor health, painful emotions or what may be causing you to feel limited, restricted, stuck or unwell.

Since 1997, Alessia has continued to study and practice the movement of bio-energy (also known as prana or ch’i) and the use of the mind to promote wellbeing, healing, and change. The approach she utilises is to empower clients of all ages through involvement in the healing process.

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Alessia Kernot - Hypnotherapist